The Shockingly True Story Behind the 911 Operator Who Hung Up on Thousands of Desperate Callers

Imagine calling for help and no one responding. Now imagine someone responding and then abandoning you in your time of need. That is what one 911 operator did thousands of times in the Houston area. The act itself is shocking, to say the least, but the story behind it is even stranger.

Her response? ‘Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real.’

911 dispatcher Crenshanda Williams | ABC13 Houston via YouTube

That is exactly what one caller claimed was said to him when he called for help. Allegedly, during mid-sentence, 44-year-old Crenshanda Williams said out loud, “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real,” then she hung up the phone. However, this wasn’t an isolated incident or an occasional problem for Williams according to court documents.

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She apparently had thousands of ‘short calls’

911 call centers get thousands of calls. Rarely are they that short. |  Thomas Samson/AFP Photo/Getty Images

Williams had apparently garnered the interest of her supervisors because she had an unusually large amount of short calls logged under her name. Some are OK because people can accidentally dial 911. However, thousands are almost unexplainable. Those short calls occurred during 2015 and 2016.

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She didn’t want to talk with anyone

911 dispatcher Crenshanda Williams | ABC13 Houston via YouTube

When police officers questioned Williams about the calls, she claimed that she hung up on the calls because she didn’t want to talk with anyone. Williams was charged shortly afterward with interference with an emergency telephone call. That is a misdemeanor charge in Texas.

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Williams hit ‘not ready’ on her computer to avoid answering calls

Blue police light on top of a police car at night.

She essentially ignored calls from people in need. | Chalabala/iStock/Getty Images

According to William’s lawyer, she had hit “not ready” on her computer when calls were coming in. She apparently thought that the calls would be re-routed to another 911-operator. She says that she never meant to hurt anyone who called into the Houston Emergency Center looking for help.

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Apparently, she did this when she was mad at her boss

911 dispatcher Crenshanda Williams | ABC13 Houston via YouTube

Contrary to what her lawyer said was the explanation of the thousands of calls dropped, Assistant District Attorney Lauren Reeder says it was to get back at her boss. According to Reeder, Williams told police “she did this when she was angry with her supervisor, she was going through a stressful situation at home, or that she just didn’t want to talk.”

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Her lawyer knows she is a bad employee

Her lawyer admits that she was bad at her job. | ABC13 Houston via YouTube

“Williams may have been bad at her job, but she is not a criminal,” her attorneys said to ABC 13, Houston. The ADA disagreed and charged her with interference with an emergency telephone call. She was found guilty and sentenced in April 2018.

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This 911 operator got off pretty easy

court judge gavel

All things considered, she got off pretty light. | Chris Ryan/Getty Images

For the charges levied against Williams, the punishment seemed pretty minor compared to the crime. Williams was sentenced to 18 months on probation and just 10 days behind bars. Something tells us she won’t be getting a job at a call center any time soon.

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