The Special Qualities That Donald Trump Looks for in All of His Friends

While he has been called a very “isolated” president, Donald Trump claims he has a sprawling group of diverse friends. And while we can plainly see who the POTUS’s confidantes are, calling them “diverse” doesn’t really fit. In fact, everyone that the current president calls a friend appears to have very specific traits in common.

Here are the qualities that all of Trump’s friends appear to have in common.


Linda McMahon speaks in front of a podium.

Linda McMahon has said all the right things about Trump. | Darren McCollester/Getty Images

If there’s one word that Trump latches on to when talking about friends, it’s “loyalty.” He also uses loyalty to award his friends. Take for example when he selected professional wrestling executive Linda McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration. Interestingly enough, McMahon described Trump as “an incredibly loyal, loyal friend.”

Willingness to lie

Christopher Ruddy during an live interview.

Christopher Ruddy has sung the president’s praises. | YouTube

Trump is so obsessed with loyalty that he believes his friends should stick by him even if it means telling a lie. This also means lying to the POTUS’s face so that he will hear good things about himself. Such is the case with Trump’s long-time friend Christopher Ruddy, who acts less like the former head of a media organization and more like Trump’s personal cheerleader.

No ‘losers’ allowed

Luther Strange shakes a man's hand.

His friends have to keep up in order to stay friends with him. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It appears that Trump’s own loyalty to friends can waiver, especially when it comes to winning and losing. Take for example, Alabama senate hopeful Luther Strange.┬áTrump supported Strange and called him a friend during the Alabama senate race. But when Strange lost to Roy Moore, Trump was quick to turn his back.

A shared history

Richard LeFrak sitting at a table in front of a microphone.

You’ll rarely see Trump befriending those outside his social circle. | Eugene Gologursky

Trump likes people he’s known throughout his years as a high-profile billionaire. Like when it comes to his friendship with Richard LeFrak. The two men made their big breaks together on the New York real estate scene, where LeFrak remains one of the biggest landlords.


Kanye West in white t-shirt speaking into a microphone.

Kanye West has gotten chummy with the president. | Jewel Samad/Getty Images

All the rich kids hang out together, right? Such is the case for Trump and the people he considers friends. From the billionaires he appoints to political positions — even when they aren’t qualified — to the celebrities he invites to his golf resorts. (And who can forget when he invited Kanye West to Trump Tower in 2016?)

Continued support

Donald Trump smiling and pointing his index finger while standing next to Bob Corker.

His friends have to have his back. | Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

When it comes to Trump, you can’t question his authority. On anything. The second you tell him he’s wrong, you’re kicked out of his friend circle. This notably happened between Trump and Senator Bob Corker. The two men were considered friends until Corker publicly denounced Trump’s ability to be a good president. This turned into a very public falling out between the two — and a slew of catty Twitter rants.

They can’t hog the spotlight

Anthony Scaramucci being interviewed in front of cameras.

Anthony Scaramucci and Trump had a bit of a falling out. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Trump likes when all the attention is on him. (As long as the attention is good, that is.) This means that nobody in his friend circle is allowed to take the spotlight from him. It’s no wonder his supposed friendship with Anthony Scaramucci fizzled so quickly — the Mooch got all the attention!

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