The Strange Way This Couple Met Proves You Can Find Love Anywhere

Sometimes couples meet in traditional ways, like through friends that set them up on a blind date (like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle). Other stories are not so traditional — in fact, many relationships have started as affairs.

But sometimes people find romance in the most bizarre places, like Tracia Kraemer and Patrick Kraemer. It’s safe to say this couple’s love story started in a rather unconventional way.

This story begins with a 40th birthday and a nudist colony

Birthday cake with colorful candles at a birthday party

Birthday cake | RuthBlack/iStock/Getty Images

When Tracia was about to turn 40, she decided she wanted to try something new for her birthday. Instead of heading for a hotel or throwing a party, she mustered up the courage to visit Indian Hills, a nudist park in Louisiana. She figured she’d get undressed and check it out, then throw her clothes back on and go home with a great story.

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A membership led to love

Tracia ended up having such a great time at Indian Hills that she stayed longer than she’d intended — in fact, she became a member. And two years after her first visit, she spotted Patrick.

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He convinced her to break her rule

Patrick remembers the day he met Tracia, recalling seeing a “big, beautiful woman walking around. Very vibrant, very articulate.” He asked her to dance at a party on the grounds, and she decided to break one of her rules: Never slow dance with anyone at Indian Hills.

“We giggled probably for the first 30, 40 seconds of the song,” Patrick said, adding that they “fell into each other and started talking” once the song was over.

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A naked romance


A person sits in a hammock at Indian Hills Park. | Indian Hills Park via Facebook

Normally, it takes some time (or at least a great date or two) before new couples see each other naked. But for Patrick and Tracia, the opposite was true. In fact, they didn’t see each other dressed until their third date.

“And that was a good thing, ’cause had I seen you dressed on the first date, I probably wouldn’t have dated you again,” Tracia recounted. “You wore those two different brown plaids together, that was terrible.”

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The nudity made them closer

A couple holds hands at the beach.

A couple holds hands. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

Tracia and Patrick, who have now been together for over a decade, both say it was love and first sight when they met … and since they saw all of each other right away, it helped lift their inhibitions. Tracia said it was easier to communicate and talk more openly because a barrier had been lifted.

“After 10 minutes, it felt like we knew each other all our lives,” Patrick agreed.

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Naked in a crowd

Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs | iStock/Getty Images

Only a week after they met, Tracia and Patrick’s budding relationship was tested. A mutual friend from the nudist park had died, and Tracia was running late to the memorial service. She arrived an hour after the memorial had started, deviled eggs in hand.

“I took off all my clothes, threw them in the car, grabbed the eggs,” Tracia explained. “I was running past the pool, into the clubhouse, and I put the deviled eggs on the table, turned around, and everyone in the clubhouse was wearing their clothes.”

Tracia thought Patrick, who was there, would surely never ask her out again. But he did, although he admits he did think, “What is this fool doing?”

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Nudists need love, too

Clothes on the floor

Clothes on the floor | dstaerk/iStock/Getty Images

You might never dream of meeting the love of your life while you’re nude, but some experts say it’s actually a good idea. After all, shedding your clothes is a great way to (literally) show your true self, and it certainly promotes body acceptance. And there must be something to it, because there are several popular dating sites for nudists.

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