The Surprisingly Normal Way Eric Trump and His Wife Met and Why They’re Taking Things Slow

With all the headlines putting Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump’s divorce in the spotlight, you may be left wondering about the other Trump children and their marriages. Donald Sr. introduced his oldest son to his future wife at a 2003 fashion show — twice. The second time around, Vanessa replied, “Yeah, we just met five minutes ago.,” she recalled to The New York Times.

The president’s youngest child, Eric Trump, met his wife under much different circumstances. Here we’ll highlight seven aspects of his relationship with wife Lara Trump. See how the two met (No. 5) and what their plans are regarding having more kids (No. 7).

1. The couple’s careers

Lara Trump holding a coffee and her phone.

Eric Trump’s wife works in the broadcasting industry. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

These days, Eric, 34, serves as trustee of The Trump Organization, alongside Donald Jr., while his father is president of the United States. The private business owns billions of dollars’ worth of hotels, office buildings, golf courses, and licensing agreements.

Lara, 35, previously worked as a producer for Inside Edition and now is a newscaster, hosting Real News Update, a show providing updates on accomplishments of her father-in-law as president.

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2. They took their time getting married

Eric and Lara Trump speaking to reporters.

They dated for over five years before tying the knot. | Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Eric and Lara married in 2014. The two took their time getting to this stage. “Eric wanted to make very sure, so we got engaged five years and 2 days after our first date,” Lara told Fox News. They were engaged for a year before tying the knot.

He asked for her hand in marriage during a hike at Seven Springs, the lavish Westchester County, New York mansion his father purchased in 1995. The two now have their own house in Westchester County and an apartment in New York City.

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3. Their dogs are an important part of their life

Eric Trump's dog in a video.

Eric and Lara adopted a dog. | Eric Trump via Instagram

Eric and Lara adopted rescue dog Ben in 2017. The pup was so sick when he first came to the shelter that he had to remain hospitalized for a month. The couple fostered him and now give him a life of luxury. They frequently share photos on social media of the beagle frolicking in snow and at the beach.

Ben wasn’t their first dog, however. After two years together, the couple acquired another beagle, Charlie. He even played a big role on their wedding day. (More on that coming up.)

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4. They have a son called Luke

Luke Trump and the family dogs.

The couple has one son. | Eric Trump via Instagram

Charlie and Ben welcomed a human playmate when Lara gave birth to son Eric “Luke” Trump in September 2017. The baby, who goes by Luke, has eight cousins — the children of Eric’s siblings Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump. The president tweeted congratulations to the couple upon the arrival of his ninth grandchild.

The proud parents have since shared photos of Luke on his Christening day, getting his first haircut, sitting in the Oval Office, and hanging out at the president’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

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5. They met in a surprisingly normal way

Eric Trump in a suit and tie.

It was love at first sight for the two. | John Moore/Getty Images

Compared to Donald Jr. and Vanessa’s over-the-top double introduction, Eric and Lara’s first encounter seems pretty low-key. They met while out on the town in NYC with friends in 2008, Lara said. And their height played a role. “Being probably two of the tallest people in the room was really helpful,” she told Fox News.

They shared a glance or two across the room. “I was immediately intrigued, and hopefully Eric felt the same way,” Lara said. Things move slowly, however, and the two went on their first date around three months later.

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6. They had a lavish Trump-style wedding

The couple got married at the Trump estate. | Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images

The couple married at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, just like Eric’s two siblings did. More than 400 friends and family attended. The couple’s dog Charlie was ringbearer, decked out in cufflinks. The bride wore a full-skirted Vera Wang gown.

An unplanned accessory Lara wore were soft casts on both wrists. A veteran horse jumper, she had broken her wrists during a fall soon before the wedding, requiring surgery. She was able to take the casts off for the ceremony and wore them for the reception covered by bedazzled fingerless gloves.

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7. They want ‘at least 2’ kids

Lara Trump holding up her son.

Luke might have some siblings coming soon. | Eric Trump via Instagram

In a May 2018 interview with Westchester magazine, Lara said she wanted “at least” two kids. Her husband, laughing, asked for the digital recorder used by the interviewer. “I might need that,” he said. “She was always set on just one more. But you heard her; you’ve got the comments on tape — she said ‘at least two kids!’” She quipped back, “I’m not making any promises.”

Eric’s mother, Ivana Trump, hopes for the couple to have more kids. “I hope so, yes, because he loves kids,” she said. “And Lara, I never thought she would have many children because she’s very slim and she runs in the marathons and things like that. It’s hard for the body. [But] she had the baby and she’s very happy, and I think they will have more.”

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