The 7 New Tattoos Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Have For Each Other Say a Lot About Their Relationship

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live | NBC

Singer Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson are one of the newest — and arguably fastest-moving — celebrity couples. The two show their new love via Instagram, their confirmed engagement, and new ink for each other.

Grande’s tribute to Davidson’s father is just one in a series of new tattoos she had done for her fiancé.

It started with matching clouds

Early in their relationship, the two hinted at their new love with matching cloud tattoos on their fingers. Days before, Grande was spotted carrying Davidson’s phone and cloud phone case. Both have used the cloud emoji in their Instagram captions and comments on each other’s photos.

The cloud seems to be their chosen symbol to represent the new relationship. Just yesterday Grande released news of her new perfume titled “Cloud” which she’ll release in September 2018.

Davidson confirmed the relationship with a bunny ears tattoo

Davidson commissioned tattoo artist London Reese to ink a black bunny-ear mask on his neck. The ears were the iconography of Grande’s Dangerous Woman album, tour, and era. This new tattoo was the largest confirmation of their relationship, which was only speculated at the time.

The SNL star made another important change to his tattoo landscape: he covered up a large tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Cazzie David’s face. Jon Mesa told Page Six what he did for Davidson, including the advice he gave.

“I did a huge coverup [adding a forest of trees]. After we were done, I told Pete, ‘Hey, dude, let’s just stop with the girlfriend tats until after [Grande’s] your wife.’ Relationships come and go, and Pete is a really young man. I think that went in one ear and out the other.”

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Davidson inked Grande’s initials on his thumb

While the previous tattoos were just symbolic of the couple’s burgeoning relationship, Davidson took an obvious step (and ignored Mesa’s advice) when he inked “AG” on his thumb. According to Us Weekly, he got the new thumb tattoo the same time he did the Dangerous Woman bunny ears. Davidson got both tattoos within a week of the couple’s announcement they were dating.

Grande pays tribute to Davidson’s late father

Most SNL fans and Davidson followers know a bit about the comedian’s childhood. His father Scott, a New York City firefighter, died in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. His mother, who Davidson calls “his hero,” raised him and his sister all on her own.

Pete has Scott’s badge number, 8418, tattooed on his arm. Grande took their relationship (and tattoo count) to the next level and inked the same number on the top of her left foot. She stepped out in a pair of black stilettos in New York to show off the tattoo.

Both are ‘Reborn’

On June 18 — exactly a month after Mesa warned Davidson of showing his love via permanent ink — Davidson brought his fiancé to the NYC tattoo shop. Davidson inked “reborn” on his hand while Grande got a hand tattoo reading H2GKMO (“Honest to God, knock me out”).

Grande didn’t stop there — a few days later she posted an Instagram story holding one of her birthday presents and showing off her own “reborn” tattoo on her hand.

Regardless of how many tattoos the two get to show their love, it seems to be pretty serious. Davidson confirmed the engagement on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and told Fallon it felt like he “won the lottery.”

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