You Need to Start Doing This 1 Thing at Every Meal If You Want to Lose Weight

There is so much diet and weight loss information on the internet, it’s difficult to keep any of it straight. And really, who has the time to dig through all those tips anyway? That’s where we come in. We’ve narrowed down some of the best weight loss tips out there — and included one thing you should start doing at every meal to lose weight.

For starters, consider what you’re eating …

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Enjoy your food, your body deserves it. | M-imagephotography/iStock/Getty Images

Even with the tidbits out there that promise “speedy weight loss,” there’s no getting around eating well. Really, the quickest way to jump start losing weight is to eat better. Consider cleaning out your refrigerator. And definitely cut down on the refined carbs and sugars in your diet. Not being able to easily access these foods will help spur weight loss.

Be careful with what time you eat every day

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By nighttime, your body already has enough calories for the day. | DGLimages/iStock/Getty Images

To be clear, when you eat can affect whether or not you lose weight. However, the age old idea that eating before bed leads to weight gain isn’t entirely true. As points out, it’s the nature of consuming more calories than you burn that makes you gain weight. (Plus, it’s rare that anyone reaches for anything healthy to eat late at night.) That being said, eating late can increase your appetite the next day. You’re better off snacking on healthier options throughout the day than waiting until late at night.

Try your best to plan ahead

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Prep your meals so you don’t have to indulge in takeout. | Ben6/iStock/Getty Images

Planning out meals can be intimidating, we know. But planning ahead helps you eat better, and leads to weight loss. “Without planning, you’re always going to be struggling — trying to figure out how to eat what you should,” Barbara J. Rolls, Ph.D. tells WebMD. If your weekdays are too hectic to plan day to day, consider writing out a meal plan over the weekend.

Remember to drink water

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Don’t forget to drink up. | Fizkes/iStock/Getty Images

Multiple studies have shown that drinking water aids with weight loss. Drinking water before meals has been linked  to a decrease in appetite, helping you eat less overall. Additionally, drinking more water has been shown to help prevent weight gain long-term — perfect for those who want to lose weight and keep it off!

The 1 tip that works wonders …

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Savor and enjoy your meals. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Want to know the best way to start losing weight immediately? Take the time to chew your food. TIME points to research suggesting that slow, thorough chewing “may help control appetite and weight gain.” They also point out that fast chewing has been linked to a number of health problems, including high blood pressure and obesity. Eating slower also gives your body enough time to register when it’s full, so you end up consuming fewer calories.

Embrace your fiber

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Fiber will keep your stomach happy. | Artisteer/iStock/Getty Images

Chewing slower can be made easier, depending on what kind of food you’re eating. Foods that are high in fiber take longer to chew, helping with your slow-eating process. (Plus, fiber helps your digestion. Added bonus!) Consider adding fresh, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet — which every good meal plan should include.

Never say no to protein

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Get some protein on your plate at every meal. | Bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

You really can’t go wrong with having enough protein in your diet. Protein fills you up faster, promotes muscle growth, and helps you burn more calories. By replacing refined carbohydrates and high-fat foods with lean protein, you boost your weight loss plan a great deal.

Keep at it!

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Consistency is key. | OksanaKiian/iStock/Getty Images

You might get excited when you start noticing these weight loss tips working, but you shouldn’t stop there! Look at adopting these tips into your daily routine as a lifestyle improvement — not a quick-stop diet plan. If you put these tips to work on a regular basis, you increase your likelihood of long-term weight loss and management.