The Trainer for the Victoria’s Secret Angels Reveals Diet and Fitness Tips He Swears By (and the 15 Minute Workout That Will Change Your Body)

Eating and exercising like a Victoria’s Secret angel sounds challenging, and it is. But not for the reasons you might think (see page 2). Like any diet and exercise routine, effort and discipline is required. See exactly what Victoria’s Secret angels do to get in shape and you may find yourself in the mood to strut down a catwalk.

Exercise in the winter

Candice Swanepoel Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

She made her return on the VS stage after having her baby last year. | Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

As appealing as hibernating at home during the winter months is, resist the urge to spend too much time on the couch. Instead, go to the gym. Victoria’s Secret angel trainer, Joe Holder, thinks of winter as the pre-season. “You know you’re going to be more active when the warmer months arrive but if you’re so out of shape and de-conditioned when they arrive, you won’t want to,” Holder told W. Need more motivation? Read these tips.

Hint: Messing up is OK.

But don’t beat yourself up

Joan Smalls Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

From Victoria’s Secret to Beyonce videos, this model is doing well for herself. | Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

“Keep a general baseline of activity and movement, and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off track,” Holder said. People usually have a lighter calendar in the winter, leaving more time for the gym, he added. For that reason, “this is an easy time to hide and get after your fitness goals,” Holder said.

Hint: Basic exercises will do.

Keep it simple

Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

You don’t need to worry about mastering complicated moves. | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

Don’t feel like you have to do complicated exercises to get Victoria’s Secret angel level results. “Stick to the basics and evolve, you don’t have to do a bunch of crazy exercises to get results,” Holder told W. The basics are the basics for a reason. Master those, then try harder variations.

Hint: Sleep is as important as exercise.

Get on a sleep schedule

Liu Wen Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Everyone needs their beauty sleep. | Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

Sleep is as equally as important as diet and exercise. No one likes exercising after a rough night’s sleep, so make sleep a priority. Plus, less sleep can increase cravings for junk food. Holder recommends getting on a schedule to “sleep consistently.”

Hint: Break this bad habit.

Don’t look at your phone

Taylor Hill Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Take time to come down before bed and leave your phone in the other room. | Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images

Make a habit of avoiding your phone in the morning and evening. “It’s healthy for your sleep habits and also your mind,” Holder said. Instead, use the time you would usually spend on your phone, doing stretching and breathing exercises.

Hint: Make sure to include this in your workout schedule.

Have a rest day

Lily Aldridge Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Even the models take time off. | Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

Holder likes to use the following training schedule: “two days of high intensity, one day of strength, two to three days of lower to medium intensity, and a day of rest.” Note the varying levels of intensity and rest day. Rest gives your muscles time to recover and gives you a mental break so you don’t burn out on exercise quickly. Check out some of the best ways to spend a rest day for helpful tips.

Hint: Avoid these foods.

Holder’s rules for food

vegetable in retro refrigerator bin

Skip processed foods whenever possible. | KenTannenbaum/ Images

Holder has five rules for food. The first is to “consume less overly-processed foods,” he told W. This means eat more fruits and veggies, and fewer chips and pretzels. The second rule is to “eat within a general time restricted window,” meaning you should eat between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., for instance. Third, “get enough water,” and fourth, “cut back on sugar.” The final rule is to “increase non-exercise activity,” which means to keep moving in general.

Hint: A workout fit for an angel, next.

15 minute workout fit for an angel

Jasmine Tookes Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Do more than ab workouts. | Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images

When it comes to exercise, Holder likes to “hit a leg exercise, upper body exercise, abs, heart rate, and then something that gets you working in a different plane of motion or something you are not completely used to.” He breaks down a sample workout for W — “10 push-ups, 30 second slide plank on each side, 60 second high knees, 30 second side lunge on each side, and 10 reps buddha squat for five rounds — all of which can be done with no equipment.

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