The Truth About ‘The Nice Guy’ Is Exposed in This Viral Video

We have all heard the phrase “nice guys finish last” and we always thought of it as an underdog who got left behind. For some reason, we blamed women in general for not partnering with the guy who seems to have better “moral conviction.” Well, this toxic idea has been exposed by a viral video put together by Samone Blakely of TorahCents. We’ll give you the highlights, but the biggest point is on page 6. If you really want to know what a woman is looking for, then go to page 7.

1. ‘Most nice guys are self-proclaimed’

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Samone Blakely | TorahCents via Facebook

The one who complains about nice guys finishing last is often a guy who thinks he falls into that category. He doesn’t and we will explain why in a little bit. These men don’t allow for others to come to that conclusion based on their actions. They just decide that they are and that women are somehow doing them wrong.

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2. Nice guys think being nice is transactional

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The only reason these guys are behaving the way that they are is that they want something. They believe that if they behave this way, they will be getting something from their love interest … if you know what we mean. They aren’t being nice because it is characteristic of them or because that’s how you should behave anyways. Being a good person doesn’t and shouldn’t get you anything in return.

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3. Nice guys think they are ‘entitled’

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Should you be rewarded for not breaking into that person’s house? Or should you get some sort of recognition for not running a red light? No. According to Samone, that’s exactly what nice guys think they deserve. We couldn’t agree more and we definitely wouldn’t want you to date an entitled prick.

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4. They conflate being a nice guy with being a good guy

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Samone points out that all nice means is that you’re agreeable. They appeal to certain sensibilities and don’t like cause too many waves. Samone says “you’re nice but you don’t have integrity.” Meaning that you really can’t stick to your convictions.

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5. Niceness isn’t a substitute for other characteristics

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We all know guys like to make up for any of they’re shortcomings. Often times it’s a short guy who buys a big truck or a weak man buys a gun because they don’t know how to throw a punch. But it’s not always physical. Supposed nice guys think that their niceness makes up for the “qualities that they are missing, that the average woman is attracted to.”

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Samone explains exactly why women don’t like ‘nice guys’

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To be clear, Samone isn’t saying that all women want to be treated like crap and that being nice isn’t an attractive trait. She says that women don’t like nice guys because “you’re entitled, dishonest, socially self-serving, passive-aggressive, manipulator who throws tantrums when you don’t get your way.”

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Samone explains exactly what women ARE attracted to

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Nice is a good quality in a man, but it shouldn’t be something that is only observed in order to get something in return. In other words, women like kind men. Other great qualities women look for include “strong, respectful, assertive, confident, convicted, principled and courageous men. Men who “take responsibility for they’re own shortcomings¬†instead of blaming the opposite sex for their own inadequacies.”

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