The Truth Behind What Allison Mack’s Friends Really Think of Her Now That She’s Exposed as a Leader of the NXIVM Sex Cult

While it was originally advertised as a women’s empowerment group, NXIVM is now being exposed by ex-members and the FBI for the atrocities it allegedly committed against women. And Allison Mack, a celebrity known for her starring role on Smallville, was one of the ringleaders.

Mack is now being charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy along with her “master,” Keith Raniere. But what do her friends have to say about all of this? Here’s how they’ve said she’s changed, including this super eerie video she posted that they’re totally freaked out by (page 8).

1. Mack is coming forward with even more details about her involvement with NXIVM

Allison Mack surrounded by reporters.

The news that shocked the world. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

More defectors are speaking out about what they went through with NXIVM. Despite the negative press, Allison Mack sat down with New York Times reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis to paint the “women empowerment group” as more of an accepting religion than a cult.

Mack explained that each “slave” would have a “master” — that is, the person who initiated the woman into the group in the first place. The slaves would then have to do “acts of care” for their master to show their devotion. And in order to stay quiet about what was going on, the “slaves” would have to give blackmail material to NXIVM leaders.

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2. She’s said on her personal website that the movement ‘inspired’ her

Allison Mack on a red carpet.

Was she inspired … or brainwashed? | Evan Agostini/Getty Images

How did Mack first get involved with this worrisome group? Fox News explains her personal website gives a ton of insight into her first meetings with NXIVM.

In one post, Mack said she felt as if she “couldn’t trust women,” and so she wanted to join a female-empowerment group to help her change. That’s when she joined a NXIVM weekend workshop, which completely altered her viewpoints. And she also met Raniere, who then became her “master” and allegedly groomed her to initiate more women.

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3. A fellow Smallville actor claims he had no idea she was a part of the cult

Elias Toufexis on a red carpet.

Elias Toufexis had worked with Mack on the show Smallville. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Mack didn’t speak of the inner workings of NXIVM. And now that the truth is out, many who were close to her are completely shocked.

Elias Toufexis, a fellow actor who became friends with Mack while they both worked on Smallville, says the news of her involvement came as a total shock. “Allison and my wife Michelle Boback-Toufexis and I were good friends on and off set,” he told People. “We had no idea of her involvement in any of this and it has all taken us aback.”

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4. Toufexis did say she always had self-help books, however

Allison Mack's tweet.

Mack had reached out to popular celebrities. | Allison Mack via Twitter

Certain celebrities, like Emma Watson, reported that Mack actually attempted to get them to join NXIVM. But according to Toufexis, this wasn’t the case for him or his wife.

Toufexis tells People that Mack “never approached me or my wife for anything specific.” But during his reflection, he did note she did have one strange behavior that makes sense now. “She was always the type of person who had self-help books and recommendations for us and the like,” he said.

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5. The manager of a bar who was friendly with Mack is angered by the news

Samantha Parker on CBS News.

Mack’s friends and acquaintances have spoken up about the situation. | CBS

Samantha Parker didn’t recognize Mack when she walked into the wine bar she was managing. But she quickly became friendly with Mack, as she was engaging, talkative, and magnetic, CBS New York reports.

Mack told Parker she seemed like a “really cool chick,” and then went on to get a photo with her. As the two became closer, she then told her she’d be perfect to join a “local organization” for empowering women. Now that Parker knows the truth, she said, “It made me angry in a way … Who knows what could have happened. Who knows where I could be right now.”

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6. One source says any mention of NXIVM changed Mack’s personality completely

Allison Mack walking past reporters.

Friends and family became concerned for the actress. | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

A former NXIVM member is speaking out about Mack’s behavior to The insider claims Mack is just as much of a victim of Raniere’s as any of the other women in the group. And though Mack seems outgoing when you first get to know her, any mention of NXIVM allegedly turns her into a total zombie.

“It’s incredibly sad because she’s a very sweet person and seems normal until anything about Keith Raniere or NXIVM comes up,” the insider said. “Her friends say then it’s like her eyes glaze over … No one can get through to her.”

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7. Her other friends allegedly think she’s completely brainwashed

Allison Mack on a red carpet.

Some think that she is a victim herself. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

The insider who spoke with insists Mack needs serious mental help when all is said and done. “Anyone that knows Allison well [will] insist that she’s been brainwashed by Keith and is under his control; she’s a victim in this too,” the source added.

Another alleged friend of Mack’s commented to Frank Report that Raniere took advantage of Mack when she was doing some soul searching. As her friend said, “I don’t think it’s bad that she took a break” from acting. “HOWEVER, I do think Keith used her desire to find herself to his advantage.”

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8. Friends think this video of her interviewing Raniere shows everything you need to see

Raniere being interviewed by Mack.

She seemed to really idolize and respect the cult leader. | Artvoice via YouTube

We’ve seen plenty of interviews to know that this one seems totally strange, even to those who don’t know Mack personally. As the insider told, “If you want to see the way she idolizes him you just have to look at the videos she did last year where she interviews him.” The insider continued by saying Mack even agreed with Raniere when he commented that “the biggest limitation women have is that they’re women.”

No matter what happens now, we’re hoping Mack (and all the women involved) can receive any needed help going forward.

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