The Worst Foods From Walmart You Should Never Have in Your Kitchen

Some people love Walmart, some people hate Walmart — but everyone can agree that their prices are often better than any other store, and that includes the grocery department. If your local Walmart carries groceries, as many do, you’ve probably noticed their rock bottom prices.

But not all Walmart foods are created equal. Whether it’s because they’re unhealthy, outdated or just plain worthless, some Walmart foods just aren’t worth the money you’ll save. These are the items you should make sure to steer clear of.

Name brand snacks


The Great Value brand isn’t always the best option. | Niloo138/iStock/Getty images

You’ll probably see name brand snacks on the shelves for a lower price than you will at your neighborhood grocery store. But Walmart brand (Great Value) are usually even cheaper, and typically, they’re a better deal all-around.

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Fresh produce

various of fresh vegetables

You won’t get farm fresh veggies at Walmart. | Vicuschka/iStock/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Walmart produce often isn’t the best — it’s usually not very fresh or local. Get your fruits and veggies at your neighborhood grocery store or farmers market, and save your Walmart budget for other things.

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Foods with a short shelf life …

Fresh bread with wheat ears

The foods you buy probably won’t last long. | VikkiePix/iStock/Getty Images

According to Michael Catania, consumer savings expert and co-founder of, foods with shorter shelf lives tend to cost more at Walmart than they’re worth. And if you’re going to buy something that expires in a few days, you’re better off going to a place like Trader Joe’s, which typically has a better selection.

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… or foods with a long shelf life.

tuna fish in bowl

Canned foods, like tuna, may say that they’re still fresh, but could expire quickly. | Amarita/iStock/Getty Images

Catania also says you should avoid food with an especially long shelf life. Although it might technically be “good,” it may go stale before you buy it.

“Once the cereal goes stale and you throw it away, you’ve also thrown away the initial savings,” he said.

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Ground beef

ground beef in a bowl

Walmart beef is likely low in quality and high in price. | iStock/Getty Images

Aside from the fact that it may not be the best quality, getting your ground beef from Walmart usually isn’t a very good deal. Compare it to other discounted stores in your area, like Aldi.

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Organic milk

Raw Milk

You might as well buy your organic milk at other grocery chains. | Dash_med/iStock/Getty Images

Most Walmarts carry organic milk, but not for a lower cost than you’ll find anywhere else. In fact, it’s more expensive than organic milk from Trader Joe’s and even Whole Foods.

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assorted nuts

Trader Joe’s beats Walmart in pricing on this food item. | Margouillatphotos/iStock/Getty Images

This is another department where Trader Joe’s beats Walmart in terms of price. Nuts are a nutritious snack, but if you get them at Walmart, you’re spending more than you should.

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Peanut butter

Healthy oat bran bagel spread with creamy peanut butter.

This pantry staple can be found cheaper elsewhere. |

There’s nothing wrong with getting your peanut butter at Walmart, but don’t think you’re getting a good deal. Check the competition and you’ll usually find other grocery stores (and even Target) will sell it cheaper.

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Cup of coffee

Bargain brands may have better pricing at other grocery chains. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

When it comes to coffee, buy carefully at Walmart. Bargain brands like Folger’s are often sold elsewhere for less. That being said, sometimes you can find deals on bigger brands like Starbucks.

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Vitamin bottles

Amazon may be the best option for vitamin purchases. | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Compare prices before buying vitamins at Walmart, especially gummies like Vitafusion MultiVites. Amazon often beats Walmart in both cost and variety — plus, you can have them delivered to your door.

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Raw salmon fillet

The store’s seafood collection just isn’t on the same level as the chain’s competitors. | OlenaMykhaylova/iStock/Getty Images

While Walmart’s seafood selection has come a long way, but it still has a lot of work to do as far as both quality and sustainability. Fish like salmon is much healthier when it’s wild caught versus farmed, and some items they sell are very high in mercury.

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Maple syrup

Maple syrup in glass bottle

Buy it in bulk and go to Costco. |

In this case, it’s simply better to buy in bulk. The Krazy Coupon Lady, who’s an expert on Costco deals, did the math and found that pure maple syrup costs half as much at Costco as it does at Walmart.

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Vanilla extract

vanilla extract in a bottle and pods

Costco also has this baking staple for less. | fermate/Getty Images

Some baking staples, like flour and sugar, are definitely good deals at Walmart. But the Krazy Coupon Lady also found that vanilla extract costs $0.62 at Costco versus $1.84 at Walmart.

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Great news for wine lovers

Red and white wine

Like Trader Joe’s, Walmart offers some great wine deals. TSchon/iStock/Getty Images

 Do you love your vino? Great news: Walmart has an award-winning red wine that costs less than $7 per bottle. Cheers!

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How to find the best deals


You may need to visit multiple chains to get the best price. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

It’s tempting to get all your grocery items at Walmart for the convenience — and at first glance, they all do appear cheaper. But first, do your research by reading blogs dedicated to deals, like the afore-mentioned Krazy Coupon Lady and The Penny Hoarder.

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