The Worst People You’ll Encounter Working out at the Gym

While it’s meant to be a place where you can focus on your body and your workout, the gym is actually full of distracting people with even more distracting habits. From people promoting their protein powder brand to people who don’t understand personal space, certain gym-goers get too comfortable in their place of lifting, squatting, and running.

We share more annoying people you’ll encounter at the gym, ahead.

Wannabe trainers

Personal trainer coaching client through exercise.

Not everyone is a licensed trainer. |

There’s nothing worse than when you’re in the middle of a workout and someone approaches with unsolicited advice. If they’re a trainer trying to ensure you’re doing a move safely, we can appreciate it. But most of the time, it’s a know-it-all who ends up distracting us from our workout.

Dumbbell vocalists

woman practicing with dumbbells

Please don’t sing while you are working out. |

Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and heard what sounds like a karaoke club coming from the weight room? Us too. Listening to someone’s loud music is bad enough. Throw singing into the mix and we’re out of there.

Machine hogs

Man running on treadmill.

You don’t own the machine. |

If you’ve ever waited patiently for a machine only to be faced with someone who takes 10 minute long breaks in between sets, you know the frustrations we have with machine hogs. The next time you’re face-to-face with one, don’t be afraid to ask them how long they plan to be on the machine. Doing so will let them you are waiting for your turn.

Gossipers and talkers

Man looking at woman while exercising.

Please, stop talking. |

We have one question: How on earth do people run on the treadmill and talk at the same time? While they may not be talking to you directly, their conversation can be heard throughout the entire gym. To avoid distraction, crank the volume on your headphones and try and focus on your workout vs. their gossip.


Dumbbell on the floor next to a man.

Put it back if you aren’t using it. |

Isn’t it fun when you want to use a workout accessory but someone is too busy collecting them ALL for themselves. We’re talking about the people in the conditioning area with bands, balls, dumbbells — you get the picture.

The good news: They’re most-likely not using them all at once (that would be crazy). So, feel free to go up and ask if you can borrow one of the items for your set.

Phone addicts

girl chatting with a friend

Text your friends after your workout. |

It can sometimes feel as though people go to the gym to have quality time with their phones. And while we may get distracted from time-to-time while looking for a workout playlist, laying on a yoga mat or talking on the phone while on the bike is a whole different level.

Barbell throwers

Man performing a deadlift.

This is very distracting. |

Ever been in the gym and heard a loud bang (followed by your heart leaping into your throat)? You can thank the barbell throwers — aka the weight room enthusiasts who slam down their barbells at the end of a set. While it’s not harmful to anyone, it can be very startling and distracting.