These Adorable Photos Reveal Why Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Be Amazing Royal Parents to 3 Kids

Since their 2011 wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton have brought three new members into the British royal family: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. There’s no lack of photos out there, and they all confirm what we already knew: Their parenting skills are definitely on point.

These photos prove William and Kate are already amazing parents. They’re attentive to their kids’ needs (page 6) and have plenty of love between them to go around (page 7). Their family photos will only get more adorable from here.

1. They already share parenting responsibilities like pros

Prince George of Cambridge arrives for his first day of school with his father Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Thomas's Battersea on September 7, 2017 in London, England.

Prince William is a very involved father. | Richard Pohle – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton was supposed to accompany her husband to their son George’s first day of school. She was dealing with severe morning sickness at the time, though, and couldn’t make the trip. Prince William managed on his own while Kate recovered at home, though they both likely wished she could be there.

Next: They’re good at managing this impressive parenting challenge.

2. They’ve (mostly) mastered the art of going out in public with small children

Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the tarmac of the Airbus compound in Hamburg.

The family always looks put-together. | Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

Anyone who’s ever attempted to take at least one toddler anywhere knows even getting out the door is a great achievement. William and Kate have been out and about with both their kids more times than we can count, and they always manage to make it work. They’ll likely be just fine with three.

Next: It’s never too early to learn some manners.

3. They started teaching them young

Prince Charles holding Prince George as he waves.

The royal babies have mastered that wave. | Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

As parents, William and Kate have to teach their kids a lot of royal rules. One custom, the classic “Windsor wave,” isn’t too hard to learn — Prince George has it down. It’s also polite to wave whenever someone says hello. It’s good to learn that as a toddler.

Next: They always dress the part.

4. They’re always traveling in style

Prince William and Kate Middleton holding their two children.

We can wait to see the five of them wearing color-coordinated outfits. | Stephen Lock – Pool/Getty Images

This segment of the royal family may be one of the most stylish, keeping things modern yet __ despite having to dress two small children under five. Now Kate and William will have to put together three miniature coordinating outfits instead of just two.

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5. The family sticks together

Prince George, Prince William, and Princess Charlotte walking towards the hospital.

Prince William seems very organized when it comes to being a father. | Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

William walked hand-in-hand with a child on either side as he brought them to meet their new baby brother, Prince Louis. The family can’t be together all the time; there’s plenty of work and traveling in store for the prince and duchess in the average month. But they make the most of the shared time they have.

Next: They put the little ones first.

6. No matter what, their kids’ needs come first

Kate Middleton playing with Prince George.

Despite being a royal, Kate Middleton finds ways to be fun and spontaneous. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Like any parent, a child’s needs come before anything else — even at special events. This is just one of many precious moments featuring Kate being the mom Prince George needs — making sure he’s comfortable and entertained, even while otherwise occupied in public.

Next: There’s plenty of love to share among the five of them.

7. They really, really like each other

Kate Middleton smiling at Prince William as she holds her baby.

They are excited for their new bundle of joy. | Kensington Palace via Instagram

Every couple has their ups and downs. But after just a glance at this photo, it’s hard to deny William and Kate still love each other after all these years together — which means they’re already doing a great job raising their kids in a loving home. Three kids and nearly a decade later, and they’re still looking at each other like that.

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