These Airplane Horror Stories Will Make You Never Want to Fly Again

If you thought a crying baby on a flight is painful, wait until you read about what some people report happened on their flights.

From an highly intoxicated passenger exposing himself to the entire airplane to Buddy the Elf casually looking for his seat, flight attendants and passengers have seen it all. Most of these stories are funny to read, but to experience first hand? No thank you. The story on page 3 will inspire you to road trip instead of fly.

15. Passengers who have to ‘have it their way’

Served Lunch in Aircraft

These passengers made unreasonable food demands. | Aureliy/iStock/Getty Images

Travelers should know by now they aren’t dining at a five-star restaurant in-flight. However, some people still don’t really care. One passenger ordered a BBQ rib meal but insisted it come with no BBQ sauce, Cosmopolitan reports. When the flight attendant said the meal doesn’t come that way, the passenger got irate and reported the flight attendant to the supervisor.

Another passenger requested water but when the flight attendant said ice wasn’t made yet, so the passenger said, “Never mind, I’m allergic to water that doesn’t have ice in it.” Really?

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14. Don’t keep the princess waiting

toasting with champagne business class airplane cabin

This passenger turned violent because drinks weren’t being served fast enough. | Tuned_In/iStock/Getty Images

Flight attendants deal with demanding passengers but this is beyond just being difficult. After a passenger became angry because her drinks weren’t being served fast enough, she threw her empty cup at the attendant and then punched the attendant in the nose, according to Cosmopolitan. She became very upset claiming the flight attendant was being mean to her for not serving drinks fast enough.

She then said, “You have no idea who I am.” The flight attendant asked “who” she was and she responded with, “I’m a dancer.” O.K.!

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13. She felt Disney wasn’t enough to make her happy

Castle as Disneyland

This passenger didn’t make it to Disney World. | Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

One passenger and her children were removed from a flight en route to Disney World because TSA found meth in her bag, a Reddit user reports.

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12. This is just plain spooky

little girls traveling by an airplane

Child, or ghost child? | maximkabb/iStock/Getty Images

A pilot became concerned when he saw two children playing by the cockpit door during the flight, Insider reports. Once the plane landed the children were nowhere in sight. Another pilot said he saw the children but none of the crew reported seeing them, which was strange because the plane was rather small. Were they real or were ghosts on the plane?

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11. Don’t talk (or hear) about the mile high club


Don’t be that couple. |

The legendary mile high club got a little weirder after one couple, who apparently were on ecstasy, decided to bring their trip to the friendly skies. After several bizarre voyages back and forth to the bathroom, the entire flight could hear the couple having sex in the bathroom, Cosmopolitan reports.

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10. This was super awkward for the entire flight

Occupied bathroom sign

Just as awkward on an airplane as anywhere else. | frontpoint/iStock/Getty Images

Passengers witnessed a man cheating on his wife. As the plane descended, the bathroom door flew open and a couple having sex came tumbling out, Buzzfeed reports. The only problem is that the man from “couple” in question was actually married to another passenger. His wife started whacking her busted husband with a magazine as the pilot wryly announced, “See folks, this is why we flash the seat belt signs!”

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9. Is there a coroner on the plane?

We’re assuming no one wanted to take her seat. | Tisha85/iStock/Getty Images

Sometimes people die in mid-flight and the only thing the crew can do is push ahead to their destination. One Reddit user recalls a time when an elderly woman died on a flight. Flight attendants performed CPR but she was declared dead.

In-flight protocol is to move the dead to a bathroom until landing, however, flight attendants thought that was too humiliating and relocated the woman to a bed in the crew area. Apparently, every passenger froze while a few flight attendants struggled to move the woman, who became quite heavy post-mortem.

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8. Control your gag reflex

Man throwing up on an airplane

Talk about a bad flight. | DmitriMaruta/iStock/Getty Images

People get sick on flights but to be immersed in it is probably life-changing. One passenger had explosive diarrhea in the plane’s bathroom before the flight took off, according to Buzzfeed. The flight was delayed while the crew cleaned it up, however, a cleaner left the bag open containing the liquid excrement and a passenger’s hand was accidentally immersed in it.

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7. This couple’s honeymoon got off to an unfortunate beginning

Man with his knees against airplane seat

This may be bad, but at least there isn’t vomit involved. | Digital Vision

Diarrhea is bad, but so is vomit. One passenger admits to blowing chunks not only in flight but also all over her row, hitting the couple next to her, according to Buzzfeed. And of course, the couple was traveling for their honeymoon.

Another Reddit user recalled when a young boy vomited in the aisle during takeoff and watched the barf roll down the aisle all the way to the back of the plane.

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6. Not sure what’s the right thing to say in this situation

charles manson mugshot

No one wants to sit next to a Charles Manson lookalike. | California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via Getty Images

One passenger was unlucky to have another passenger, who resembled Charles Manson plunk down in the neighboring seat, according to Buzzfeed. The Manson look-alike asked the passenger if they could trade underwear, but walked away once he saw that was not going to happen.

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5. Maybe this couple indulged in Kentucky Fried Chicken

Bucket of KFC chicken

Were they eating KFC? | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Napping on a flight is common but what’s uncommon is what this passenger saw when waking up from in-flight slumber.  “I was stuck in a window seat beside a German couple,” the passenger recalls, according to Buzzfeed. “When I woke up from my nap, I saw them licking each other’s fingers.”

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4. When you just want to snuggle

One passenger sleeping and one being given a water bottle on Delta one first class flight

These pods weren’t built for two people. | Delta

One flight attendant, who was working overnight in the business class section, witnessed a passenger hop into bed with another passenger, according to Cosmopolitan.

The section was arranged with small sleeping pods and the passenger seemed pretty out of it. She emerged from her pod and snuggled next to another passenger in his pod. When the flight attendant asked the women to return to her seat, the woman insisted she was in her seat and said, “I do what I want.”

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3. This is right out of a Hollywood horror movie

airplane interior

This would give you nightmares. | KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

If catching a deadly airborne disease terrifies you then you won’t like this story. One passenger recounts a flight to North Africa when a passenger literally “imploded.”

“He vomits blood, so much of it that the bag can’t contain it,” the passenger reported on Reddit. “We clear his row and lay him down. He looks really bad-bruising all over his face and body, flushed face, insane fever. There was a doctor on board and he didn’t know what to do. He thought it might be a severe case of malaria, but it didn’t quite match up.” Apparently, this could have been a version of hemorrhagic fever, which could have started a pandemic. None of the passengers were quarantined and the witness does not know what happened to the ill passenger.

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2. Passengers never saw this coming

airplane on runway

A gator almost caused a deadly plane crash. | Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images

During an uneventful flight to Miami, the plane made a safe landing only to run smack dab into a 12-foot long alligator, according to Insider. The plane’s tires blew and wheels broke off, due to making impact with the gator.

The plane skidded 100 feet on its nose as pilots wrangled the machine to a stop. Once everyone was safe, the pilot said over the intercom, “Welcome to Florida! Mind where you step,” which was met with laughter.

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1. It’s not scary until the flight attendants look freaked out

Flight attendant using the phone on an airplane

You know it’s bad when the flight attendants are scared. | Thinkstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Most passengers look to flight attendants for a reaction during turbulent flights. So if they look worried, it may be time to start praying. One flight attendant recalled the most violent landing ever where winds were so strong, the two flight attendants recall being whipped from side to side, Insider recounts. Flight attendants clasped hands until the plane was safely on the ground.

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