These Common Surgeries Have the Highest Death Rates

No one wants to think about complications when they undergo surgery. While most surgeries are statistically safe, they all come with risks. Unfortunately, some common surgeries and medical procedures have high mortality rates. After reviewing medical research, there’s no denying the risks. These 16 common surgeries have high death rates, ordered from least to most risky. But first we optimistically remind you why surgery may change your life for the better.

The benefits of surgery

Close-up of surgeons hands holding surgical scissors and passing surgical equipment, motion blur background.

The decision to undergo surgery is never an easy one. | Xmee/iStock/Getty Images

Obviously, the benefits of surgery typically outweigh the risks. Always arm yourself with information and talk to your doctor when considering a procedure. It’s crucial that you trust your doctor — and it’s perfectly acceptable to get a second opinion. If you need one of the following procedures, don’t panic; just know the risks.

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