These Common Surgeries Have the Highest Death Rates

No one wants to consider complications when they undergo surgery. Medical research shows even the most statistically safe surgeries come with risks. Unfortunately, these 16 common surgeries and procedures have high mortality rates. We’ll also take a quick look at why you should consider surgery.

1. Septal myotomy

Doctor and patient talking across a table.

This surgery is quite complicated. | Daizuoxin/iStock/Getty Images

Mortality rate: 0.4%

Complications: irregular heart rhythms, blood clots leading to stroke, aortic valve problems, and removal of too much heart muscle

When done successfully, this surgery reduces the thickening of the heart muscles. The procedure is quite complicated, and you’ll have to spend time in the ICU if you survive. Fortunately, this surgery has a low mortality rate of only 0.4% in the first 30 days afterward.

Next: This surgery requires delicate physical reconstruction.

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