These Everyday Foods Have Been Recalled — Avoid Them at All Costs

When purchasing your groceries for the week, the last thing that comes to mind is the possibility of your fresh food making you sick. Unfortunately, though, food recalls happen all the time. reminds us if there’s any reason to believe a food may be contaminated and make consumers ill, it has to be taken off the market. The following products were recalled this past year, and a few may have flown under your radar.

Check your fridge and pantry for these products that may still be in your household.

1. Great Value Frozen Organic Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries

Cherries on a wooden board

Opt for fresh cherries the next time you’re in the mood for their sweet taste. | Timmary/Getty Images

Just because the label says organic doesn’t mean it’s always safe. The FDA recently announced there’s a possible listeria contamination with these cherries. There haven’t been any reported illnesses yet, but even so, 90 cases of the cherries are out for recall.

If you do contract listeria as a healthy adult, you’re likely to only suffer short-term symptoms, like high fever, digestive distress, and headache. In young children and the elderly, however, it can cause fatal infections.

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