These Everyday Foods Have Been Recalled — Avoid Them at All Costs

When buying groceries, the last thing you may consider is that your food could make you sick. Unfortunately, food recalls happen. states if there’s any reason to believe a food may be contaminated, it must be taken off the market.

Popular grocery stores recalled the following products. One everyday food is contaminated and could make you really sick (page 9.)

1. Banquet Salisbury Steaks & Brown Gravy

Banquet Salisbury Steaks

These steaks got bony. | WTNH News8 via Youtube

If your go-to quick meal is a Banquet frozen dinner, then you’ll want to pay attention to this recall. Good Housekeeping says you could find bones in more than 135,000 pounds of Salisbury family-style steak meals. So far, customers have complained of minor oral injuries while savoring their steak.

Look for “P-115” on the side of boxes, as well as a code “5006 8069 10 05” and a “best by” date of September 01, 2019.

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