These Fast Food Meals Have More Than 2,000 Calories

We’ve all been guilty of splurging on our favorite fast food meals. But what does 2,000 calories, the recommended daily caloric intake, actually look like at these fast food restaurants? We put together meals from 15 of your favorite fast food places to show you.

1. Burger King: A medium whopper combo meal with an Oreo shake

Burger King Opens First European WHOPPER Bar

Order a small Whopper combo. | Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,110

The whopper combo is a classic at Burger King. But it’s teeming with calories, and adding a dessert would put you over the 2,000 calorie mark in just one meal. The best way to be healthy would be to avoid the fast food place all together, but if that’s not possible, lowering the calories is doable. Try ordering a small combo without cheese, and ditch the soft drink for a water instead. And skip the dessert altogether. This would lower the calorie count to 980.

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2. Wendy’s: Baconator with medium fries, a medium soft drink, and a medium chocolate Frosty


It’s hard to deny yourself a Wendy’s Frosty. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,160

Who doesn’t love ending their Wendy’s meal with a Frosty? Sadly, you’re adding an extra 470 calories by adding this medium chocolate treat to your dessert. Cut the Frosty out completely. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, order a junior vanilla Frosty instead — you’ll save 280 calories. Plus, skip the Baconator and get a regular cheeseburger to cut an additional 380 calories.

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3. McDonald’s: Bacon smokehouse crispy chicken sandwich with medium fries, a large coke, and a McFlurry

McDonald's yellow and red drive-thru logo

Order the artisan grilled chicken sandwich to cut calories. | TonyBaggett/iStock/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,050

Believe it or not, the calorie counts at McDonald’s were a bit lower than the previous two. But their bacon smokehouse crispy chicken sandwich was loaded with 920 calories. And easy way to lower the calorie count would be to swap this sandwich for the artisan grilled chicken sandwich, which is only 380 calories. Plus, skip the McFlurry, downsize to a small fry, and grab a water instead of a coke. Now, you have a healthier fast food meal.

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4. Arby’s: Market fresh triple decker sandwich with medium curly fries and 4-piece mozzarella sticks

Arby's restaurant

Avoid Arby’s triple decker sandwich. | Tim Boyle/Staff/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,020

This meal doesn’t include a drink or a dessert, and it still passed the 2,000 calorie mark. This sandwich and two sides is more than most people need, but sub one of those sides for a drink and dessert, and you’ll still be well over 2,000 calories. Skip the triple decker sandwich and opt for a classic roast beef sandwich instead. Plus, eliminate one of those sides, and you’ll trim the calorie count by a few hundred.

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5. Starbucks: Venti caramel Frappuccino with a chicken wrap protein box and two chocolate chip cookies


Some Starbucks drinks are packed with calories. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,330

It’s easy to get lost in Starbucks’ tasty, sugary drinks, such as their signature caramel Frappuccino. But be aware of the calories and sugar in one of those drinks. Save yourself a few hundred calories and opt for something lighter and healthier, such as a coffee or unsweetened iced tea. Also, only purchase one chocolate chip cookie (even though it’s easy to eat two). Try to only eat half, and save the other half to enjoy with your next meal.

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6. Taco Bell: Beef nachos box with a medium Mountain Dew, a side of chips & guacamole and seasoned rice, and a 4-piece Cinnabon delights

Taco Bell restaurant

Avoid the beef nachos box. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,030

This is the ultimate Taco Bell meal, so it’s no surprise it’s more than 2,000 calories. The beef nachos box alone accounts for 1,100 calories. And the drink plus two sides add an additional 620. Finishing this meal with a Cinnabon dessert is an easy way to tip the calorie count over 2,000. Find something a little lighter than a nachos box and only add one side. Then, go for a two-piece Cinnabon delight for dessert to save yourself a few hundred calories total.

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7. Dunkin’ Donuts: A large caramel swirl frozen coffee (with cream) with a double sausage breakfast sandwich


Dunkin’ Donuts has some calorie-heavy drinks. | Quanthem/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,050

It’s easy to head to the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru and pick up your morning coffee and breakfast, but we recommend staying away from these two items. The caramel swirl frozen coffee has a whopping 1,160 calories. The double sausage breakfast sandwich packs 890 calories in one fairly small sandwich. Opt for a regular coffee instead, and go for a plain bagel with butter to reduce the calorie count by more than 1,000.

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8. Chick-fil-A: Two chicken sandwiches with waffle fries, a soft drink, and a chocolate milkshake


Chick-Fil-A’s sandwiches are full of calories. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,020

Believe it or not, it is possible to eat all of this. These chicken sandwiches are not very big, and everyone knows it’s easy to down a few waffle fries. But topping this meal off with the milkshake is where the calories seriously add up. The chocolate milkshake boasts 560 calories. Cut that out of the meal, and you’ve reduced the calorie count by more than 25%. Also, try to stick with only one sandwich.

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9. Pizza Hut: Backyard BBQ chicken personal pizza with bacon cheddar fries and ranch dipping sauce

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s personal pizzas are filled with calories. | Jax10289/iStock/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,190

It only takes two items to hit the 2,000 calorie mark at Pizza Hut. A personal pizza plus the bacon cheddar fries appetizer will send you soaring over 2,000 calories in one meal. The fries have a whopping 1,450 calories, which is nearly three meals’ worth in one appetizer. Opt for plain fries instead and dip them in ketchup for a full meal and a serious calorie cut.

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10. Panera Bread: Steak and white cheddar panini with a small macaroni and cheese and two chocolate chip cookies

Panera Bread

If you’re trying to cut calories, avoid Panera Bread’s mac and cheese. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,170

It’s hard to pass up a good sandwich, some macaroni and cheese, and tasty cookies. But these menu items add up to more than 2,000 calories. When you’re craving Panera Bread, go with something lighter, such as a salad or the bacon turkey bravo sandwich (310 calories). Forget the macaroni and cheese, and only go for one cookie. That will keep the meal around 600 calories — a much healthier option.

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11. KFC: 3-piece extra crispy chicken tenders with a chicken pot pie


Avoid KFC’s chicken pot pie. | Aureliefrance/iStock/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,140

You could practically hit your 2,000 calorie limit with only the chicken pot pie. This KFC dish packs 1,720 calories, and adding the tenders easily sends it over the edge. Actually, only two tenders would put you right at that 2,000 calorie mark. Forego the chicken pot pie and go with a four-piece chicken tender dish to cut more than 1,500 calories.

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12. Domino’s: Chicken carbonara in a bread bowl with a Caesar salad, Parmesan garlic bites, and a chocolate lava crunch cake

Domino's Pizza

The Domino’s pasta options are full of calories. | Jetcityimage/iStock/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,170

This is quite a meal, so it’s no wonder it surpasses 2,000 calories. The garlic bite appetizer plus the bread bowl pasta are a calorie takeover. But even the side salad has 210 calories, which adds a lot to one meal. Skip the chocolate cake for dessert, and order the pasta in a dish instead of a bread bowl.

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13. Sonic Drive-In: Bacon double cheeseburger with a large Ched ‘R’ Bites

Sonic Drive-In Restaurant exterior

Avoid Sonic’s double bacon cheeseburger. | Wolterk/iStock/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,010

Sonic’s bacon double cheeseburger accounts for more than half of this meal’s calories. Rather than order this burger option, go with something lighter, such as a junior double cheeseburger for less than half the calories. If you can’t help but order the Ched ‘R’ Bites, get a mini order instead of a large. The new meal will be less than 800 calories, which isn’t terrible for a fast food place.

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14. Chipotle: Carnitas burrito with chips and queso


Chipotle’s burritos are packed with calories. | Marcnorman/iStock/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,240

Chipotle’s pork burrito with chips and queso is a pretty normal meal, yet it goes far beyond 2,000 calories. The burrito is filled with rice, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and beans, plus a few additional toppings. For a lower calorie option, grab a burrito bowl (save 320 calories without the tortilla) and fill it with meat, beans, guacamole, and salsa. It will have a high nutritional value with fewer calories. And forego the chips and queso, but grab some chips and salsa if you need an additional snack.

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15. Dairy Queen: 6-piece honey BBQ glazed chicken strips basket and a small peanut butter cookie dough Blizzard

Dairy Queen Retail Fast Food Location

It doesn’t take much to hit 2,000 calories at Dairy Queen. | jetcityimage/iStock/Getty Images

  • Calories: 2,330

It doesn’t take much to hit 2,000 calories at Dairy Queen. An order of chicken strips plus a small dessert will get you there. If you have a sweet tooth, try a mini blizzard to cut the calories. Also, try the regular chicken strips (no basket), to cut the calorie count by a few hundred. If you’re looking to be healthy, you may want to avoid Dairy Queen altogether.

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