Fitness Tips That Will Burn Inches off Your Waistline

Having a trim waistline is a desire many of us have. If this is your goal, however, you might not be doing the right exercises to whittle your waist. But with a couple helpful tips, you can revamp your workout regimen to cater to the desire for a teeny tiny midsection.

Here are seven fitness tips that will help you take inches off your waistline.

Say ‘no’ to crunches!

woman exercising crunches

This is not the way to shrink your waistline. |

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to trim their waistline is add crunches to their regimen. Quite the contrary — this run-of-the-mill core exercise will make your waist bigger! Crunches work your abdominal muscles, but they don’t target and eliminate fat like so many think they do.

If you want to tone your abs after trimming your waist, that is certainly doable. But for waist-shrinking purposes, this exercise should be avoided.

Combat those calories

Calorie counter application on smartphone

Work off that hearty salad, and you will be more likely to whittle your waistline. |

Exercise and good eating habits go hand in hand. And when it comes to trimming your waistline, those two things have to be in sync. For shrinking your midsection, you have to burn more calories than you consume. WebMD points out that if you consume 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day, you could lose 3-5 pounds in a week with one hour of exercise a day. (Think of how that will help shrink your waistline!)

So skipping the snacks and hitting the treadmill is definitely the way to go. Speaking of running on the treadmill …

Do more cardio

Man in blue shirt on an exercise bike

Up your cardio game, and watch your waist shrink. |

You want to get in all the calorie-killing cardio you can to achieveĀ a slimmer waist. According to, it really only takes 20 minutes of cardio per day to see results. But if you really want to see your waist shrink, we suggest 30-40 minutes of your favorite exercise. You can go cycling, swimming, take an aerobics class … you name it.

Having that extra cardio boost will have you tightening up your belt in no time.

Start doing a circuit

woman working out with some dumbbells

Adding free weights to your workout will help make your circuit more effective. |

The most effective way to lose weight is to have a fitness regimen that incorporates both cardio and resistance training. When it comes to streamlining your waist, a circuit workout is definitely the way to go. This “core-centric” circuit fromĀ is perfect for nipping at your waist, and can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Or you can use free weights to add more resistance to your abdominal exercises. Just make sure the weights aren’t too heavy, since you don’t want to bulk up. On that note …

Avoid CrossFit

woman practicing with dumbbells

CrossFit is great — just not when it comes to trimming your waistline. |

Not all resistance training is good for whittling your waist. And while CrossFit is a fantastic exercise, many of its moves will bulk you up instead of slim you down. Dr. Stacey Naito tells RXMuscle that CrossFit “will cause excessive cortisol spikes which makes your body stubbornly cling to belly fat and derail your efforts to become super lean for the stage.” Best to push this intense workout regimen to the side while you are trying to tighten your waist.

Do the twist

woman exercsing Medicine Ball fitness exercices isolated on blue blackground

Twists will shrink your waistline in no time. |

Adding a twisting motion to your exercises doesn’t just work your obliques and abs. This movement melts the extra baggage around your torso, giving you a smaller waist. Try these great Pilates moves — like the extension arrow — that are sure to shrink your midsection.

Completely commit

Three attractive sport girls doing plank exercise lying on yoga mat in fitness class.

Stay devoted to your waist-shrinking plan, and you will get results. |

This is probably the most important bit of fitness advice: If you want to shrink your waist, you have to stay completely committed to your regimen. Nobody trimmed their waist by working at it for a week and then giving up, right? Sticking to a regimen is the best way to see results. In fact, it will benefit you to maintain your waist-shrinking plan even after you reach your goal. Your commitment to trimming your waist will go a long way if you keep up the good work.