These Houseplants Offer Surprising Health Benefits

You probably already know that any home looks nice with a healthy green plant in it. But did you know having one of these living decorations around can also be good for you? With help from OneGreenPlanet and a few other sites, we take a look at houseplants with health benefits. (The plant on page 9 may surprise you.)

1. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos | Getty Images

As OneGreenPlanet tells us, pothos is a great starter plant — for those who want to add a little green to their home, but don’t necessarily have a green thumb. In addition to being low-maintenance — because who wants to be stressed over their plants? — pothos also has air-purifying qualities.

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2. Boston Fern

Beautiful green Boston fern plant | Getty Images

The Boston fern is also a fairly low-maintenance plant, but it’s air-purifying powers are off the charts. In fact, NASA recognizes the Boston fern for its cleaning quality because it can remove cigarette smoke and formaldehyde from the air.

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3. English Ivy

Pot with ivy | Getty Images

If moisture and mold make your allergies go haywire, this is the plant for you. Though mostly associated with growing outside, ivy — which will thrive if you put it on a sunny window sill — makes a good indoor plant in that it can absorb airborne mold in your home.

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4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant, cut open | Getty Images

Aloe vera is actually something of an all-purpose wonder. In addition to being great at treating a sunburn, it’s also a master at snagging paint and compounds from cleaners out of the air.

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5. Peace Lily

Lilies | Getty Images

Want the air-cleaning abilities of ivy without the need for sunlight? The peace lily is the plant for you. This plant can break down carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, but will thrive best in a room that gets little to no natural light.

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6. Snake Plant

Snake plant next to a bed | Getty Images

Don’t let the name fool you — this reptilian-inspired plant is perfect to have in your house. The snake plant is considered one of the best plants for absorbing toxins and is considered a good plant to have next to your bed to help you breathe easier.

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7. Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisies in a pot | Getty Images

Like the snake plant, gerbera daisies are great at absorbing toxins out of the air and transforming into oxygen at night, making them perfect plants to have by your bed. Added bonus, gerbera daisies are quite pretty.

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8. Azaela

Close up view of a purple Azaela plang in full bloom | Getty Images

Who knew such a pretty flower could be so good at taking formaldehyde out of the air? Azaela’s do need a little extra TLC because they prefer to be somewhere humid. But as long as you keep them misted, they will do their job.

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9. Rubber Plant

Rubber plant | Getty Images

No, not “rubber” is an “fake” — we mean the actual big plant. This breed can absorb even more bacteria and mold spores out of the air because of its extra large leaves. It’s recommended you put one somewhere with room to grow — rubber plants can grow to eight feet tall!

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10. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oil and fresh eucalyptus leaves | Getty Images

This well-known plant doesn’t just clean the air — it can help clear up your congestion! While having this plant in oil form is the real miracle-worker, you can also have it in your house to clean your air. The leaves can also be made into tea.

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11. Spider Plant

Green Leaves Of Spider Plant | Getty Images

One of the benefits of this air-purifying wonder is one plant can turn into many plants. The flower on the spider plant can be separated and put into another vase to grow on its own, so you can decorate every sun-filled window in your home with this modest house plant.

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12. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboos, decorative plant | Getty Images

For starters, lucky bamboo’s spiral shape looks cool in just about any kind of vase and makes for a clean decorative piece. When kept out of indirect sunlight, this plant will clean the air in your home all while looking fabulous.

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13. Lavender

A bottle of lavender essential oil with fresh lavender twigs | Getty Images

You may have heard that smelling lavender can help lower your blood pressure and make you feel more relaxed. In fact, you can get the same benefits from having a lavender plant in your home.

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14. Feverfew

Feverfew flowers | Getty Images

This pretty plant has the ability to help cure headaches. In addition to having a pretty flower that makes it the perfect decoration for your home, tells us it can also be made into tea.

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15. Mass Cane

Mass cane leaf | Getty Images

The mass cane, also called a “corn plant”, is another low-maintenance wonder that NASA likes for snatching toxins out of the air. You can leave this plant alone and let it do its job — it grows at a slow pace and won’t take any extra effort.

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