These Instagram Photos of Britney Spears With Her Sons Show What She’s Really Like as a Mom

She’s known for her contagious pop music and effortless dancing, but it hasn’t always been an easy road for Britney Spears. We remember her head-shaving breakdown and failed relationships that made national headlines. But through it all, she’s come out stronger than ever. And raising her two sons has helped her stay grounded during the toughest times.

Here are the Instagram photos of Britney with her kids that show her ultra-loving side, as well as the one photo that shows just how much they look like their father, Kevin Federline (page 7).

1. Britney makes time for art with her boys

Britney Spears painting | Britney Spears via Instagram

It’s hard to believe how much her sons have grown. Here, we see Britney painting with Jayden James, 11, and Sean Preston, 12, outside on a gorgeous day. We’re not too surprised by this, as Britney’s always loved the arts. And it seems to be good for her mental health, too, as in the photo, she says, “Painting feels so therapeutic to me! Getting to do this with my boys on a beautiful day like this is such a blessing!”

We’re hoping she’s taking some time to herself, especially since her sons’ father, Kevin, is requesting way more money in child support.

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2. She takes plenty of time with both her kids and her mom

Britney Spears with her kids and her mother | Britney Spears via Instagram

In April 2017, Britney posted this adorable photo of her and her mom swimming with her two sons. Though she’s said before to People that “the balance between work and my personal life can be a challenge,” she certainly seems to schedule in plenty of time with both her kids and the rest of her family.

We’re glad her mother, Lynne Spears, is making an appearance, too. We remember back in 2008 when Lynne said she should be blamed for her daughter’s infamous meltdown. We imagine this may have strained their relationship.

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3. Britney shows the importance of a much-needed beach day

Britney Spears with her sons | Britney Spears via Instagram

From her intense workouts to her pop star status, we wonder how she makes time for beach days with her sons.

Clearly, she makes it work, though — and her kids look super excited to be there with her. “My kids come first, always,” Britney told People. “There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom and watching my sons grow into young men.”

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4. She’s a total dog person, and so are her kids

Britney Spears on a walk | Britney Spears via Instagram

As if co-parenting with two sons wasn’t enough, the Spears family also has a dog. As she comments on this funny photo, “Going for a walk with my son and the dog always does wonders for my mood.”

Though we’ve seen family and dogs in these photos, there’s one person noticeably absent from her Instagram — and that’s Kevin Federline. They aren’t together, but People notes Britney and Kevin attend sporting events together with the kids from time to time. Perhaps since Kevin’s demanding more money from his ex, though, the days of niceties have passed.

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5. Holidays are best spent together

Britney Spears’ family at Thanksgiving | Britney Spears via Instagram

It seems Britney loves a good homecooked meal and family time at her house when it comes to the holidays. As she says in her Instagram photo, “My favorite boys at my house for Thanksgiving!!!!”

These family photos put a smile on our face even more so because we know what Britney’s been through in the past with her kids. The Huffington Post reminds us that her former bodyguard accused her of child abuse multiple times in the past. Though she wasn’t convicted, we’re sure the allegations stung. Now, however, her household seems happier than ever.

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6. Getting silly is always on the agenda

Britney Spears and her son | Britney Spears via Instagram

Like the funny mom she is, playing with Snapchat filters is a must. Here, we see Britney and her son hanging out together with the dog filter on. She asks him, “Baby, what are you going to be when you grow up?” He sweetly replies, “I’m gonna be president of the dog states!”

As she’s noted before, Britney loves spending as much time with her sons as she can before they’re all grown up. “We have a lot of fun together,” she told People. We see how true that is here.

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7. Britney says her kids are bigger than her now in this adorable photo

Britney Spears with her sons | Britney Spears via Instagram

Fans of the pop star are loving this sweet recent photo of Britney and her boys. It’s a simple one, but they all look happy to be together. With the photo, she posted, “Love when we go to our favorite spot on Sundays. The boys are bigger than me now!!!!!”

They sure have grown up fast. And now that they’re older, we can see the striking resemblance to their father, too.

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8. Her sons get to meet famous musicians thanks to her connections

Britney Spears and family with Skrillex | Britney Spears via Instagram

Living in the spotlight isn’t always easy. And Britney’s had her fair share of breakdowns under the public eye. We are happy to see that there’s one perk she takes advantage of, however — and that’s that her kids get to meet some of the most famous people in the industry.

Here, we see her and her little ones posing with Skrillex a few years back. Not only that, but we love their matching blue hair dye, which we’re betting they did together, too.

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9. She shows off her dance moves

Britney Spears and her sons | Britney Spears via Instagram

Britney isn’t only known for her catchy tunes. She’s also an incredible dancer and keeps up with a seriously strict workout routine to stay in shape for her shows. It’s only natural, then, that she’d show off some moves with her sons, no matter how silly the photo is.

She has videos, too, of how she loves to stay active with her kids. And it’s not just about fitness. Britney has expressed before that she loves “watching these boys succeed when they put their minds to something.” Sounds like they’ll grow to be just as strong-willed as their amazing mom.

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