These Moments Make Us Question Donald Trump Jr.’s Parenting Ability (Including the 1 Photo He’s Being ‘Dad Shamed’ For)

The Trump’s have a knack for getting into the headlines for some of the strangest of things. Donald Trump Jr. is getting some flak for a silly mistake on Instagram, but these moments prove it’s worth being concerned over. If you think it is overblown, ask yourself if you’d be okay with any of these things in your home. No. 7 may actually end up seriously injuring or killing his children.

1. The messy divorce

Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump

The divorce is quickly becoming messy. | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

The divorce of Don Jr. and his wife Vanessa is going to be nothing short of disastrous for the family. It hasn’t been made clear if a prenuptial agreement had been signed, but Don is already seeking her assets. Don Jr. is worth $300 million himself, but Venessa may have come into a bunch of money from the sale of Rao’s Specialty Foods. Just how much that is isn’t clear.

These public and tumultuous divorces are extremely hard on children. Without shielding them from the fallout, there are likely to be some psychological effects on their children. So far, they have both done a terrible job at that.

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2. Donnie’s affair

Singer Aubrey O’Day was the other woman. | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Life & Style Weekly

Don’s messy divorce is likely because of an affair he had with Aubrey O’Day. Apparently, the two met on the set of The Apprentice back in 2011. This was apparently the reason for Don Jr.’s estranged wife, Vanessa, filing for divorce. Vanessa found sexy text messages on Don’s phone while he was in the shower.

Infidelity has lasting effects on children, even before they know about the affair. Psychiatrist Scott Haltzman says that “the harm done to the child occurs at the moment that that partner elected to go outside the marriage for an emotional or physical relationship. When an affair happens, it cheats the spouse and the family of the love and commitment of a partner and parent.”

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3. Donald Jr.’s children are getting spoiled

This behavior can have negative effects down the line. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

It’s such a hard balancing act to keep your emotions about a divorce separate from your children. All too often, parents in a divorce will spoil their children in order to buy their favor. The way that Don Jr. dotes on his children is no different.

The effects of that behavior can end up hurting both the parents and the children. The children could develop poor concepts of money or affection.

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4. Blizzards at 9 a.m.?

Chloe Trump eating junk food. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

Usually, a good parent will start their kids off on the right foot in the morning with a solid breakfast. Don Jr. prefers to take his family out for fast food for breakfast. We guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to diets.

This just reinforces the view that Don Jr. is spoiling his kids in order to garner favor over his estranged ex-wife. It also proves that he doesn’t really care about their health.

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5. Don Jr. shared a video of his daughter without her shirt on

Donald Trump Jr.’s controversial Instagram video. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

Don Jr. posted a video of him seemingly having a fun time with his kids playing. The only problem is that he posted this video to his public Instagram account and it shows his daughter without a shirt on.

Normally, having your kids run around at that age without clothes on is just fine. However, given the world we live in, and the fact that he is in the public eye, concerns have been raised about the video. People scolded Don Jr. for allowing his daughter to run around without a shirt on.

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6. Don Jr. started dating immediately after the divorce started

Dating during a divorce can be tough on children. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Don Jr. apparently started dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle almost immediately after the announcement of the divorce came out. From strategic, legal and emotional standpoints, dating in the middle of a divorce is just a bad idea.

Dating while you’re going through a divorce can also be hurtful to the children. The relationship can confuse or alienate your children because they will see the relationship as a betrayal.

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7. Don Jr.’s guns are kept at the house

One of Donald Trup Jr.’s guns. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

We respect the right of the second amendment and fully support anyone desire’s to own a gun. However, keeping guns in the house raises the risk of your children hurting themselves or someone else in the family, dramatically. Children accidentally shoot themselves or their family members all the time. Even in houses that have gun safes.

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