These Photos of Melania Trump With Barron Reveal What She’s Really Like As a Mom

It seems like there’s never a break in the drama at the White House. Donald Trump is constantly under fire for his words, his decisions, and his past. And when the Stormy Daniels scandal broke, Melania Trump was thrown into the controversy.

But despite it all, Melania is trying her best to keep their son, Barron, out of the spotlight. And these photos of the first lady and her son show she’s kept him close his whole life.

She’s focused on being a mom

Donald Trump walking with Melania Trump and Barron Trump.

She might have a few new responsibilities, but she’s still focused on being a mom. | Chris Kleponis/Pool/Getty Images

Melania’s life has been plagued with scandal ever since her husband announced his run for the presidency. Rumors swirled that Melania was in tears when she realized Donald would be the next president. And with Stormy Daniels in the spotlight, her life and marriage have been anything but normal. But through it all, she is determined to be a good mom. A spokeswoman for the first lady told People that in the midst of the drama, Melania is only focused on being a mother.

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She always keeps her son close

Melania Trump smiles over at Barron Trump.

She keeps a close eye on Barron. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Long before Donald became president, Melania’s biggest concern was parenting. But since her son has been shoved into the spotlight, she’s kept him closer than ever. In many candid photos of the mother and son, Melania can be seen either looking at Barron or making contact with him in some way, such as putting her arm around him. She’s aware of the public scrutiny on her family and wants to make sure Barron is OK.

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She’s trying to give him a normal life — even if the public disagrees

Barron Trump standing next to Donald Trump.

Being the president’s son can’t be easy. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The public reacted with mixed feelings when Melania announced she’d be staying in New York after her husband moved into the White House. But the first lady claimed she was simply trying to keep Barron’s life as normal as possible. She wanted her son to finish the school year in New York rather than pull him out mid-year to start at a new school and make new friends. But some thought the first lady’s move was wrong because it required millions of dollars in additional security.

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She makes sure Barron knows where he comes from

The Trumps | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Melania cares deeply about Barron’s education and that he knows where he comes from. Barron is bilingual. In fact, he is fluent in his mother’s native Slovenian and uses it when his grandparents come to visit. Plus, Melania herself is fluent in several languages.

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She doesn’t let the presidency interrupt his upbringing

Donald Trump walking with Barron and Melania Trump.

Will a normal childhood be possible for Barron? | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Since Barron moved into the White House before he even became a teenager, he’s been thrown into a life he didn’t necessarily ask for. When Barron finally started school in Maryland in September 2017, he did so quietly with his mother by his side. And since he’s moved into the White House, he’s gone largely unnoticed with the exception of making appearances at important events, such as the State of the Union. Melania has done her best to keep her son’s life under wraps from the public.

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She refuses to let nannies raise him

Donald Trump and his son Barron Trump depart the White House.

Melania raised Barron on her own. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

One of Melania’s biggest claims about parenting is she refuses to hire a nanny for her son. The first lady told People in 2015, “I like to be hands-on. I think it’s very important.” She said she is with her son all the time and helps him with his homework. But Melania also said she wants Donald and Barron to have father-son time, so she leaves them alone when they want to spend time together.

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She wants him to learn from his mistakes

Donald Trump, Barron Trump and Melania Trump walking across a lawn together.

She never wanted him to grow up spoiled and entitled. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

In an interview with Parenting, Melania stressed that it’s OK for your child to make mistakes. “I think it’s important to give a child room to make mistakes in order to learn,” she said. She also said it’s important to let Barron be whomever he wants to be. She does not push her own opinions on him and accepts when he says he dislikes something. And she believes it’s important to balance being a friend and a parent.

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She considers Barron Trump her proudest achievement

Melania and Barron Trump at Trump's inauguration.

Melania Trump is very proud of her son. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Melania has always expressed how proud she is to be a mother. She has been by her son’s side long before her husband — who refused to change the boy’s diapers — was in the White House. She encourages her son’s creativity, mistakes, and growth into the person he wants to be.

Melania once said she has her hands full with her two boys, meaning Donald and Barron. It’s clear no matter what’s going on with the drama in her own life or in the White House, Melania is extremely focused on raising Barron the best way possible.

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Ivanka Trump loves traditions and celebrates them with her children

She’s embraced Jared Kushner’s Jewish faith. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Her father might be a Christian, but after marrying Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump totally embraced Jared’s Jewish traditions. In this Instagram photo, the happy family of five poses in front of a menorah while lighting the candles. And from the looks of the messy table, it seems the kids were having some fun decorating and getting festive.

Elite Daily notes Ivanka has called her practice in Judaism “such a personal thing,” and she says it “creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.”

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She prioritizes weekends for family time, but the weekdays are all for work

Weekdays are for work, weekends are for family. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Though Ivanka loves motherhood, it’s not for the faint of heart. Romper reports her busy schedule leaves her “exhausted 90% of the time,” she’s said in the past. So when it comes to the weekends, that’s when she spends the most time with her kids.

Ivanka tells People her and Jared “work really hard during the week and we really prioritize weekends for just being sort of reconnecting as a family. It’s very seldom that we’ll have a commitment on a Saturday or a Sunday.” Here, it looks like the family’s taking a road trip. They may have been off to their country home to get away from the city for awhile.

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Ivanka absolutely loves cooking with Jared and the rest of her family

She loves to cook. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Not only does Ivanka love her traditions — but she also adores cooking with her family. Here, the mother of three is seen with her son, Joseph, on his fourth birthday. The two are playfully eating spaghetti — and it’s not the first time we’ve seen Ivanka eating home-cooked meals with her kids.

As she writes on Twitter, “Every weekend I cook Friday night dinner with my family.” And she tells People she specializes in desserts now due to her daughter’s sweet tooth.

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Time with her kids is strictly scheduled, just like everything else in her life

Family time is heavily scheduled | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

There isn’t much spontaneity in Ivanka’s life — and that goes for family time, too. Redbook explains in her book, Women Who Work, she breaks down how much time she spends with her kids down to the minute. Each day, she plays cars with Joseph for 20 minutes. With Arabella, she schedules in “dates” to the library and reads two books per day to her. And with little Theodore, she gives him two to three of his bottles and puts him to bed each night.

This image of Ivanka and her kids might look spontaneous, but due to her regimented nature, we now know better.

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Ivanka may give Arabella a little bit of extra ‘girl time’

These two have a special bond. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

There’s nothing quite like the bond between mother and daughter, and this is particularly true for Ivanka and Arabella. This photo is just one of the many that shows the special connection the two have. Even when Arabella was just 2 years old, Ivanka would set special time aside to have a lunch date with her daughter. “She is my most important lunch meeting of the week!” she told People.

Ivanka also thinks instilling self-confidence in young girls is extremely important. As she tells Fit Pregnancy, self-confidence is “probably the most important thing you can facilitate.”

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Her life as a mother and entrepreneur is hectic — but she loves it that way

It’s hard to strike a work-life balance. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Yes, Ivanka lives a busy lifestyle — but this mom wouldn’t have it any other way. Even in this photo, we see her preparing for an event with her young son hiding under her dress. Any moment she can multitask between business and her personal life, she’ll do just that.

Ivanka also thinks being a mother has also made her more efficient. “I can get things done in a lot less time,” she tells Fit Pregnancy. “I look back five years ago, and I think, what did I do with all that time?” She says even during the rare moments she gets to herself, having a hectic lifestyle is way more fun.

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She wants to nurture her children’s natural abilities

She wants her children to learn. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Ivanka chose to pursue politics and business endeavors, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to push her children to do the same. As she tells Fit Pregnancy, she wants her children to have fun and explore all of their options. “I think being outdoors in the fresh air and playing sports is the stuff of childhood, and that’s very important,” she says, which is also clear in this photo.

The mom mentions she’d love for her kids to explore music, too — especially because she never stuck with the piano herself. Whatever the Kushner kids end up doing, we’re sure they’ll be well-supported by their mother.

Additional reporting by Lauren Weiler.

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