These Popular Foods at Disney World Are the Most Likely to Give You Food Poisoning

With its iconic rides and fun atmosphere, it’s no wonder millions visit Disney World year-round. And it’s not just for kids, either — there are attractions for adults, too. And as far as food goes, there’s plenty of fine (and fun) cuisine for the whole family.

Whether you love fried favorites, meaty treats, seafood, or dessert, you’re sure to find something tasty. But is it all safe to eat? Here are the foods that are most likely to give you food poisoning, including one of the most delicious-looking creations (page 9).

1. Any of the world-famous burgers

A burger and chips on a table.

You might want to avoid having a burger for lunch. | Beth Hall/iStock/Getty Images

No one does burgers like Disney World. And faithful Disney-goers typically love the Picnic Burger at Sci-Fi Dine-In or the straight-up Angus Burger at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. Eating this meaty dish doesn’t fare well for everyone, however. As one guest mentioned on a forum on, they fell ill after eating a bacon cheeseburger at the park.

Unfortunately for meat lovers everywhere, food poisoning from beef is quite common. Healthline explains ground beef is commonly associated with foodborne illness if it’s not cooked well or handled in a clean environment.

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2. Chicken wings and turkey legs

Baked chicken wings with sesame seeds and sweet chili sauce on white wooden board.

Contaminated chicken can lead to illnesses. | DronG/iStock/Getty Images

The gigantic turkey legs and Buffalo wings are delicious at most theme parks, including Disney World. Unfortunately, guests have reported feeling ill after eating each.

One guest on says the turkey leg did them in, while another described a particularly awful night of sickness from chicken wings they ate while visiting Animal Kingdom. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, though, as poultry sickens thousands per year, says The Daily Meal. And chicken remains one of the biggest offenders when it comes to foodborne illness.

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3. Mac ‘n’ cheese hot dog

Macaroni and cheese on a hot dog.

This iconic hot dog isn’t the healthiest — or safest — option. | Disney Food Blog via Instagram

If you love mac ‘n’ cheese and you love hot dogs, then this is the ideal meal for you. While this calorie-busting meal certainly isn’t doing your heart any favors, you may also want to think about the potential for food poisoning.

The Australian Institute for Food Safety notes like all other meats, hot dogs, even when cooked, must remain at a certain temperature to keep away bacteria. If they’re sitting out for long periods, then make sure they’re being kept in a properly heated vessel until they’re served. And as far as the mac ‘n’ cheese is concerned, the nacho cheese sauce commonly used has been linked to botulism in the recent past.

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4. Fresh fruit Nutella waffle

Strawberries and whipped cream on waffles.

Make sure the fruit you eat is clean. | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

This sounds so delicious and refreshing with the fresh fruit that you can almost forgive yourself for the significant number of calories that it holds. Aside from this beautiful breakfast-dessert creation tasting amazing, however, you’ll want to be careful of the fresh berries on top.

CBS News notes strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries can be huge foodborne illness offenders. And even if the berries were frozen beforehand, they’re still not necessarily safe. A 1997 outbreak was linked to frozen strawberries that were contaminated with hepatitis A.

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5. Lobster roll

A lobster roll on a plate.

Watch out for contaminated shellfish. | Fudio/iStock/Getty Images

A lobster roll at Disney World? It may seem out of place, but guests have raved about this dish served at Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom. Before you dive head-first into the world of Disney shellfish, though, you should know the risks you may be taking.

Medline Plus explains shellfish are a common cause of food poisoning for a variety of reasons. While you may be more familiar with the risks of eating raw mollusks, such as oysters, lobsters can also harm you if they’re improperly treated once they’re killed. And if it’s the American lobster they’re serving, it has a long way to go before it reaches Florida.

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6. Canadian cheddar cheese soup

Broccoli and cheddar soup.

Bad cheese can make you sick enough to sit out your entire trip. | EzumeImage/iStock/Getty Images

Cheese lovers are most likely tempted by this delicious cheddar cheese soup served at Epcot’s Refreshment Port. It’s a whole bowl of deliciousness, complete with whole milk, a variety of cheeses, and a background flavor of bacon. But if food poisoning is high on your concern list, it may be wise to skip the dairy altogether.

In 2018, there was a cheese recall due to listeria concerns. And NDTV Food explains dairy products are commonly associated with staph food poisoning, especially if they’re kept at room temperature.

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7. Chicken Caesar salad

Caesar salad with chicken on a white bowl.

Salads can make you sick if the ingredients are dirty or contaminated. |

This salad is a favorite for most, and according to one guest, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café has one of the best in the park. There are multiple potential offenders in a chicken Caesar salad, however. As noted before, chicken is one of the most commonly contaminated foods you can eat. And Caesar dressing traditionally contains dairy, which also can cause issues.

And that’s not to mention the romaine lettuce scare. While federal health officials say romaine is officially safe again, leafy greens and lettuce are commonly linked to E. coli outbreaks.

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8. World-famous ramen

Ramen in a bowl.

Your ramen might not be as safe as you’d think. | Jennie_2701 via Instagram

If you love Japanese cuisine, then you absolutely must try ramen noodles at Morimoto Asia. This noodle soup is filled with fresh veggies, sprouts, your meat of choice, and an egg, making it a fantastic meal. But there are a few worrying ingredients in ramen that are commonly associated with food poisoning.

A soft-boiled egg is commonplace in ramen, but NDTV Food explains undercooked eggs are often linked to salmonella. And while those sprouts on top your soup may seem innocent, they’re known to spread E. coli.

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9. Breakfast waffle cone

Scrambled eggs in a cone.

It’s something that might make you sick. | Tradzak via Instagram

Have you ever seen something so glorious and whimsical? The BoardWalk Bakery makes the breakfast waffle cone filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon. The waffle cone itself is flavored with maple, too. And while it’s certainly not the healthiest meal in the world, it also contains foods that are known for making people ill.

As stated before, cheese left out at room temperature can be a major bacterial concern. And we’re hoping those eggs are well-done, as they can also spread salmonella. Considering there are five eggs in each cone, perhaps split this one with a friend.

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