These Sex Tips for Women From Real Men Aren’t What You’d Expect

Women’s magazines are full of tips on how to improve your sex life. One of the problems with that, however, is that a lot of tips on how to please your man come from women. A better solution is to get this nuggets of knowledge straight from the men themselves. So we dove into a couple interviews to see what sex tips real men have for women and you may find some of these to be a bit surprising.

Be open about what you want …

Overhead young romantic couple hugging.

A good partner will want to know what you want in the bedroom. |

Thanks to popular books like 50 Shades of Grey there is a common idea out there that men want to be aggressive and in control in the bedroom. But as a Cosmopolitan Magazine article reveals, real men are more interested in their partner telling them what they want in the sack. “Don’t be scared to tell men what you want us to do,” one interviewee summarized.

… but also ask him what he wants

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You should also be open to what he wants. |

In addition to being open with your own needs, men also like it when their partner asks them what they like. While spontaneity in bed is great, men like for there to be a dialogue about what both of you want.

Know the right time to give him hell

Frustrated Couple Sitting On Couch Quarreling

Don’t be too critical during intimate moments. |

The Daily Dot offers up one of the most interesting sex tips of all: Be aware that many men are self-conscious about their bodies and their sexual performance. While dating experts will insist that making fun of him and giving him a hard time is the way to a man’s heart, it’s better to be more complementary during sex.

Give him a rubdown …

Two physiotherapists applying pressure on couples legs.

A rubdown that is not from a professional would be highly appreciated. |

One male writer for Glamour revealed that men are crazy about getting a massage after sex. It shows appreciation for the hard work he put into pleasing his partner. “I’m not suggesting that your guy deserves a back rub every time he has the pleasure to lay siege to your pleasure castle,” the writer says. But he does suggest that giving your man a post-coital massage is something he will never forget — in a good way.

… and maybe cuddle a little

couple snuggling in bed

A little snuggling is always welcome. | iStock/Getty Images

No, not every guy wants to snuggle up after sex. Some guys, understandably, just want to roll over and go to sleep after a roll in the hay. But one man that the Daily Dot interviewed insisted that most men do, in fact like to cuddle after doing the deed. “I think a lot of the time a man suggests sex, what they’re really after is the physical closeness a cuddle would provide,” he explained.

Don’t skimp on foreplay

Couple kissing in bed

Take your time when it comes to foreplay. |

One tip that several men gave to the Cosmopolitan piece was to not rush through foreplay. In particular, many of the men insist that they want more oral sex — and making eye contact during it. “It’s seriously the best part, but gets overlooked by a lot of women,” one interviewee said.

Be confident in yourself

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He’ll be more confident if you are comfortable with yourself. |

Remember how we said that men are insecure in bed? Being confident in yourself can make them more confident in themselves. “Being enthralled in your sexiness takes my mind off of my insecurities so I can enjoy it too,” one interviewee tells Cosmopolitan.

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