These Surprising Walmart Food Facts Will Make You Rethink Buying Your Groceries There

Have you been thinking about shopping at Walmart, but you’ve been on the fence for a while? We might be able to help you with your decision. What you might not know is there are tons of perks that come with shopping at this superstore.

Here are some surprising Walmart food facts that will make you rethink buying your groceries there.

You’ll likely find the freshest bananas at Walmart


Want fresh bananas? Head to Walmart. | LightFieldStudios/Getty Images

Bananas are a great superfood to add to your diet. They can be eaten as a snack or mixed with your cereal for a hearty breakfast. If you’re a big fan of bananas, Walmart is your store. The most popular grocery item at Walmart is bananas. That means the store restocks often, providing you with the freshest bananas around. Dorn Wenninger, vice president of produce and floral for Walmart US, told Business Insider that the store sold roughly 1.5 billion pounds of bananas in 2015.

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