Jenelle Evans Screaming at Her Mom Shows Just How Much These ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Can’t Stand Their Parents

From what we’ve seen on MTV’s Teen Mom, having kids young is no easy task. Money troubles and unreliable partners plagued these young women season after season — and yet, they’re still managing to make it all work. There’s one common thread amongst the moms, though, and that’s that many of them have severe issues with their own parents. And this tension has led to some pretty serious fights in the past.

Here are the moms who notoriously duke it out with their parents, and a little insight into how their feuds even started.

Farrah says her mother abused her as a child

Farrah Abraham posing in a black and gold dress.

She had a difficult childhood. | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

Teen Mom viewers have a lot of opinions about Farrah Abraham. And Farrah’s relationship with her mother has been so bad in the past that she’s even kicked her out of her own daughter’s birthday party.

So, why is she aggressive — and even verbally abusive — to her mother throughout her many seasons on the show? In Touch Weekly says Farrah claims she was abused herself as a child. The young mom says her parents beat her with a belt as a kid, leaving lasting bruises on her body. And her parents both went to jail, she also claims. Her father denies the allegations, however.

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And Farrah’s father says he abandoned her when she was young

Farrah Abraham posing in a white dress and glitter face paint.

She has been open about her abusive past. | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Republic Records

Though Farrah’s father, Michael, denies any child abuse happened to Farrah, he does admit to “abandoning” his daughter when she was young. And there’s something else quite peculiar about this father-daughter relationship: Farrah refers to her dad as “Michael.”

Does she call her father by his first name to keep him at arm’s length, or is it something else altogether? Farrah claims it’s just a family practice of her and her sister to call her father Michael, and she was taught to do so from a young age. But on a Teen Mom reunion special, Farrah called Michael “Dad” in a rare occurrence while she tearfully discussed her childhood — so perhaps this was a breakthrough in their relationship.

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Jenelle and her mother fought for custody over Jenelle’s son

Jenelle looks at her phone as Jace looks over her shoulder.

A custody battle is always a hot topic. | MTV

There are few mother-daughter relationships as toxic as Jenelle and Barbara’s. Jenelle Evans, the most infamous cast member of Teen Mom 2, was in a recent custody battle for her oldest son, Jace. Barbara Evans won the court case against her daughter to gain full custody of the child, which put an even bigger rift in their already damaged relationship.

Barbara’s reasoning behind taking Jace under her care is due to the child being scared of Jenelle’s then-fiancé, David. And Us Weekly reports David had some ruthless words for Barbara regarding the matter, too.

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And Barbara didn’t get an invite to Jenelle’s wedding

Jenelle Evans smiling while wearing a pink dress.

Was this an oversight or a total snub? | MTV

After Jenelle’s losing custody battle, it seems she couldn’t sweep it all under the rug for her wedding day. Though Barbara wanted to witness Jenelle’s marriage to David, she didn’t get an invite. And this incident divided the mother and daughter even further.

As Jenelle says, “I can’t forgive someone that’s just not going to give me back my son … And if I had custody of him now maybe I would have invited her, but I’m not at the moment.” Radar Online reports Barbara was devastated by the wedding snub, and she even fled town during that time to get away from it all.

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Maci’s ex, Ryan, was kicked out of his parents’ house

Ryan Edwards stands outside wearing sunglasses.

Ryan’s lifestyle is becoming too much for those around him. | YouTube

We’ll never forget when Ryan Edwards, the father of Maci Bookout’s son from the original cast of Teen Mom, was kicked out of his parents’ house. This was really a long time coming for Ryan, according to his father, Larry, who called his own son a “bloodsucking leech.”

The Teen Mom star was chronically unemployed and seemingly quite lazy at the time, as he was in his late 20s and still mooching off his parents. His father was sick of his son’s negative attitude — and he even says, “I’m over his laziness, selfishness. I’m done with it.” He even goes on to say he’s done with his son forever, though time will tell if that’s the case.

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Tyler has had a strained relationship with his struggling father

Catelynn and Tyler sit on a couch during an interview.

Tyler didn’t grow up with a wonderful father figure. | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are long-time favorites on Teen Mom — and the messy relationship between Tyler and his father, Butch, was also featured numerous times. Butch has had run-ins with the law all throughout Tyler’s life due to his addiction struggles. While fans of the show thought Butch would turn his life around for the good of Tyler’s family, he’s recently returned to jail.

To showcase the strain in their relationship even further, Tyler once tweeted, “I always said he taught me what NOT to do as a father, so he still taught me something lol.” It sounds like they have a lot to sort through together.

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And Catelynn was attacked by one of her mother’s ex-boyfriends

Catelynn smiles while wearing a colorful top.

There was also this shocking incident. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As if her husband’s strained relationship with his father wasn’t enough, Catelynn Lowell also has a rocky past with her mother. Catelynn says her mother abused alcohol during her childhood, and life felt like a constant party. And a particularly frightening incident happened when the Teen Mom star was just 13. Her mother’s boyfriend at the time was high on crack cocaine, and he allegedly picked Catelynn up by the neck, threw her to the ground, and choked her.

Today, Catelynn and her mom have a better relationship than they once did, but we imagine overcoming these childhood traumas must be difficult.

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