These Tweets About What It’s Like to Have Kids Are Spot On

Having children is beautiful, exhausting, stressful, incredible, and downright hilarious. While your children will permanently change the way you see the world and change your relationship, the intangible rewards make it all worth it.

And sometimes people manage to sum up parenting in a single spot-on tweet. These are a few tweets about having children that are so accurate, they’ll make you laugh (or cry).

Kids are amazing at making messes

“Before I had kids, I didn’t even know it was possible to destroy an entire house with a granola bar,” tweeted @LurkAtHomeMom. Anyone who has ever witnessed a toddler with a cookie … or any food item, can relate.

This is a perfect post-Halloween tweet

We try not to raid our kids’ Halloween candy stashes, but we can’t help it. That’s why this tweet by @HyperCraxy is so hilarious.

We relax more with every child

Being a first-time parent is harrowing, but by the second child, most parents relax a bit more. @EricaWhoToYou nailed it with, “1st kid: Document their every move / 2nd kid: Forget to pick them up 99% of the time.”

Kids aren’t known for their healthy eating habits

“Apparently I pack an apple in my 5 year old’s lunch so it can get out of the house for a few hours,” laments @BrianHopeComedy. Parents of picky eaters everywhere sympathize with you, sir.

Our brains retain the strangest information

Do you find yourself humming along to kids’ songs but forgetting essential information? “As the parent of a 5yo boy, I can name all the dinosaurs and none of my co-workers,” said @PinkCamato.

 You will Google the weirdest things

Yes, your children will ask you why the sky is blue. They’ll also ask you other weird things. “My son asked me if cats can have babies when they aren’t married and I told him yes, but I honestly don’t know,” tweeted @Elizasoul80.

Toddlers get upset over odd things

This tweet from @WorkingMom86 will make parents of toddlers laugh out loud, “My toddler woke up upset because he couldn’t find his glasses, but what really set him off was when I told him he doesn’t even wear glasses.”

Older children are no better

Sometimes children beg to do something only to change their minds. “Sign your kid up for the sport they BEG to play so you can listen to their incessant bitching about it as you drive them to practice,” tweeted @really10months.

Parenting is tough, but it’s worth it … if you have a Twitter account and a sense of humor.

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