Aliens or Something Else? These Unexplained UFO Sightings Have Baffled Scientists

No matter what belief system you abide by, we’re all a little curious as to whether we’re the only form of life in the universe. Remember this photo by NASA’s Curiosity Rover? There appears to be a squirrel hiding out on Mars — but could there possibly be rodents on other planets? This one really had us guessing — and it’s far from the first strange and unexplainable image put out there.

Alien squirrels aside, there’s also the question of UFOs to discuss. Some are absolutely sure they’ve seen extraterrestrial life in the sky, and scientists are even confused over their sightings. Here’s what they saw.

1. Kenneth Arnold and the UFO sighting that started it all

Kenneth Arnold pointing at a photo of a UFO.

Kenneth Arnold started a big craze. | YouTube

Though unexplained phenomena has occurred for centuries, there’s one well-known sighting that kicked off the UFO craze. History explains businessman Kenneth Arnold was flying a small plane when he saw a group of objects in the air near Mount Rainier in Washington back in 1947. According to Kenneth’s estimates, the objects were flying at thousands of miles per hour. He even said they flew “like saucers skipping on water,” which is where the term “flying saucer” came from.

After Kenneth’s sighting blew up the media, more people started to come forward claiming they also saw UFOs flying through the sky. As for the objects that night, we may never know what they really were.

2. This Australian UFO sickened its witness

Homer Simpson stands with two aliens.

Alien sightings and reports have increased throughout the years. | Fox

UFO sightings are strange enough — but according to this witness, he was poisoned by what he saw. HowStuffWorks explains back in 1980, a cattle rancher in the town of Rosedale, Australia, was awoken in the morning to a lit, domed disc hovering above the ground. This disc had orange and blue lights and stayed above a 10,000-gallon water tank. Then it took off — and though the witness tried to chase it, he failed.

Here’s what’s weird — a black ring 30 feet in diameter was found where the disc first landed. And the water from that 10,000-gallon tank was also mysteriously missing. As for the witness, he fell sick with headaches and nausea for a week after the incident.

3. The Falcon Lake incident is still totally unexplainable

The lake seen from the inside of a boat.

The story is plausible. | YouTube

CBC News reports Stefan Michalak was a geologist looking for quartz and silver around Falcon Lake, Manitoba, in 1967 when he saw two cigar-shaped objects hovering. Stefan approached one, and he said a door opened, exposing bright lights and muffled voices from inside the aircraft. When he was close enough to touch and see clearly inside, the UFO blasted him with a gas that set his shirt and hat on fire.

Stefan was treated at the hospital for his burns, and for weeks he suffered from nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and blackouts. Even after the Canadian government and United States Air Force investigated, there were no answers.

4. The disappearance of Fred Valentich sparks controversy to this day

Fred Valentich standing in front of a plane.

What can we learn from Fred Valentich’s story? | YouTube

It was nearly 40 years ago when 20-year-old pilot Fred Valentich went missing while flying over Tasmania. Daily Mail Online explains during his flight, Fred reported a large unknown aircraft hovering directly over top of him. After he radioed the air traffic controller saying he didn’t think it was another plane, he mysteriously vanished.

Historian Reg Watson believes Fred was abducted that day by aliens, though numerous other theories exist. Some believe he simply crashed, and others think he planned to commit suicide and this was his way of doing so. Either way, there are no concrete answers.

5. This Los Angeles sighting was one of the most mysterious UFO incidents ever

A black and white photograph of what many think is a saucer.

An extremely frightening sight. | YouTube

In 1942, shortly after Pearl Harbor, Los Angeles residents panicked when what appeared to be Japanese enemy aircrafts swarmed over the city. Over 1,400 shells were shot into the sky to take down the planes, The Huffington Post reports. But oddly enough, the shells hit nothing, and there was no plane wreckage, either.

A witness claimed they saw something that looked like a giant “lozenge” flying through the sky. And a photograph released from the L.A. Times also showed a saucer-shaped object. As for what it really was, no one can confirm.

6. The Silbury Hill crop circles happened recently

A crop circle seen from above.

These reports are not uncommon. | Robert Hoetink/Getty Images

In more recent news, it appears a UFO and the extraterrestrials navigating it may have made crop circles in Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England. The Telegraph reports an off-duty sergeant spotted several figures standing in a field back in 2009. He stopped his car and approached the men, who he says all were over 6 feet tall with blonde hair and wearing white coveralls. The men started running faster than the sergeant had ever seen men run once he approached, and it appears they were examining a large crop circle in the field.

The sergeant contacted fellow Wiltshire police and other crop circle and UFO experts about the case. No one has any definitive answers as to what went on.

7. This UFO sighting resulted in a court case

A UFO seen down a road.

UFO reports have sparked a new interest in extraterrestrial life. | Homeworks255/Getty Images

In December of 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and Vickie’s 7-year-old grandson stopped their car in front of a floating, diamond-shaped object. It was hovering above the trees and roughly 130 feet away from them. They then felt heat blasting from the aircraft — and they saw 23 helicopters surround the mysterious object, too, as they got back into their car and drove away.

After they returned home, the three experienced blisters, nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and hair loss — though Betty’s case was the most severe. Betty’s doctor says it appeared to be radiation poisoning. These three witnesses have even brought this case to court numerous times, though official agencies deny the happenings altogether.

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