Aliens or Something Else? These Unexplained UFO Sightings Have Baffled Scientists

No matter what belief system you abide by, we’re all a little curious as to whether we’re the only form of life in the universe. Remember this photo by NASA’s Curiosity Rover? There appears to be a squirrel hiding out on Mars — but could there possibly be rodents on other planets? This one really had us guessing — and it’s far from the first strange and unexplainable image put out there.

Alien squirrels aside, there’s also the question of UFOs to discuss. Some are absolutely sure they’ve seen extraterrestrial life in the sky, and scientists are even confused over their sightings. Here’s what they saw.

1. Kenneth Arnold and the UFO sighting that started it all

Kenneth Arnold pointing at a photo of a UFO.

Kenneth Arnold started a big craze. | YouTube

Though unexplained phenomena has occurred for centuries, there’s one well-known sighting that kicked off the UFO craze. History explains businessman Kenneth Arnold was flying a small plane when he saw a group of objects in the air near Mount Rainier in Washington back in 1947. According to Kenneth’s estimates, the objects were flying at thousands of miles per hour. He even said they flew “like saucers skipping on water,” which is where the term “flying saucer” came from.

After Kenneth’s sighting blew up the media, more people started to come forward claiming they also saw UFOs flying through the sky. As for the objects that night, we may never know what they really were.

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