These Unforgettable Feuds on ‘Teen Mom’ Show the Stars at Their Absolute Worst

It all started with MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, where we followed the journey of pregnant teens as they navigated through high school, friendships, and relationships all while bringing a baby into the world. Now, the young moms are overcoming new challenges in Teen Mom. And some of those obstacles involve getting along with each other.

Through the years, we’ve seen physical brawls, Twitter feuds, and even angry rants at the MTV producers. Here are the confrontations we’ll never forget.

1. Amber Portwood takes a swing at Farrah Abraham on stage

Amber Portwood poses in a gown at the VMAs.

Amber is often at the center of ex-boyfriend drama. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As Us Weekly reminds us, the Teen Mom OG reunion following the latest season was full of juicy gossip and drama. Simon, Farrah’s on-and-off boyfriend, and Matt, Amber’s now ex-fiancé, have never liked each other. And it was during the reunion special when things became particularly heated between the two couples.

Amber started getting aggressive with Farrah on stage — and she even took a swing at Farrah. Meanwhile, Matt pushed Farrah’s father to the ground, Farrah was screaming, and security descended on the scene to break up the family violence.

2. Farrah’s return to Teen Mom OG almost made another mom quit the show

Farrah holds a microphone as Maci sits next to her.

These two never got along. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

It’s no secret most of the other Teen Mom OG stars can’t stand Farrah. So when Farrah was no longer part of the cast, the rest of the show’s stars were elated. The joy was short-lived, however, as she returned mid-season — and that’s when Maci Bookout threatened to leave the show.

Radar Online reports Maci was concerned because of Farrah’s recent sex tape, and she didn’t want her or her son associated with that. Farrah found out about Maci’s concerns and aggressively fired back, making Maci feel as if she was being treated “like a dog.” The two never made amends and still can’t stand each other.

3. Amber Portwood is charged with domestic battery against her child’s father

Amber Portwood smiles while wearing glasses.

Amber also landed in hot water over this scandal. | Rich Polk/Getty Images

From struggles with addiction to landing herself in prison, Amber has come a long way. But back before she started turning her life around, she faced felony domestic violence charges, CNN reports. The film crew recorded footage of her kicking, slapping, shoving, and choking the father of her child and boyfriend at the time, Gary. And what’s even worse is her daughter, who was only 1 year old, witnessed the violence.

That’s not the only time Amber was violent with Gary, either. Now that they’ve gone their separate ways, all that drama is behind them.

4. Farrah tells another mom having a second child is a ‘poor choice’

Farrah Abrams sitting on a couch looking to her left, fellow Teen Mom cast member Catelynn.

Unsolicited advice among the girls is never appreciated. | VH1

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were the one Teen Mom couple we’ve rooted for from the beginning. They chose to give their first child up for adoption — and then when they were ready for kids, Catelynn decided to get pregnant once again. Though her and Farrah were friends, Farrah put a rift in that relationship when she told the couple they were making a “poor choice” by having another baby, Hollywood Life reports.

In response, Catelynn made a dig at Farrah by saying, “I didn’t make a so called ‘sex tape’ but WE make the bad choices? Seriously [Farrah’s] comments made my night!”

5. Jenelle Evans and a co-star’s father duke it out on Twitter

Jenelle Evans looks over to her side as she sits on a couch.

Jenelle Evans never lets herself get pushed around by other co-stars.  | MTV

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame is no stranger to drama, whether it involves her mother, romantic life, or co-stars. And Radar Online says Jenelle and Andy Houska, co-star Chelsea Houska’s father, went at each other on Twitter, igniting an epic feud.

It started with Andy sending out a sarcastic tweet that read, “It is good to scream at each other in front of the kids, it teaches them great things,” following a screaming match seen on the show between Jenelle and her mother. Evans tweeted back, saying, “I am so sick of you commenting on my life. Go tend to your own family,” with multiple expletives before and after. She deleted the tweet, but the animosity between the two remains.

6. The Teen Mom OG stars give an angry toast to their co-star on Snapchat

Catelynn, Farrah and Amber posing together.

They don’t always get along. | Michael Buckner/Getty Images

As an act of solidarity against Farrah, the rest of the Teen Mom OG stars roasted their co-star while out for dinner and drinks. OK! Magazine reports the three ladies were dining together when Catelynn proposed a toast. Surprisingly, she toasted to Farrah — but she certainly didn’t have anything nice to say. After calling Farrah a number of expletives and names, the group erupted in laughter and happily drank.

Farrah was none too pleased with the insult, so she fired back by calling the other girls “trash” and “pathetic parents.” 

 7. Jenelle implies a co-star isn’t being truthful regarding the father of her child

Jenelle Evans smiles while posing in a gold gown.

She had words for a certain co-star. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

There’s a lot of bad blood between co-stars of Teen Mom 2. Kailyn Lowry is just one of a few stars to receive a cease and desist letter from Jenelle’s lawyer after Jenelle caught wind her co-stars may have been spreading gossip about her on social media. But ironically enough, In Touch Weekly explains Jenelle shared a news story on her own social media that said Kailyn’s infant’s father isn’t who she says it is.

In response to this news story, Kailyn slammed Jenelle on Twitter, stating, “How do you violate your own cease & desist?” Perhaps a cease and desist letter is headed toward Jenelle next following this feud.

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