Insane Workouts You’ve Never Heard of (but Work Shockingly Well)

It’s no secret that there are a plethora of new and innovative cardio classes and strength regimens accessible in today’s fitness culture. However we often find ourselves in a workout rut that keeps us cycling through the same exercises. We have the solution for those who are tired of the routine of yoga, pilates, and running. Mix up your daily workout with unconventional classes that involve interactive tools like an underwater pole or a pair of drum sticks. Check out our favorites ones below.

Boing with Kangoo

A toned and healthy body.

Bounce your way toward a toned bod. | Restyler/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Bounce your way to weight loss with Boing with Kangoo, an overall cardio workout and strength training class that will transform you into a human Kangaroo. Kangoo is a full-body workout for everyone that targets your arms, abs, and legs. The class utilizes special Kangoo Jumps boots to enhance the impactful workout and keep participants safe.

Crunch Fitness is the pioneer of Boing with Kangoo and has gyms located in New York, Miami, Oregon, California, Connecticut, New Jersey and Washington D.C.


A woman enjoys some time in a pool.

You won’t even feel yourself breaking a sweat. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Pole dancing takes a dive into the deep end with Acquapole, an underwater pole dancing intensive that originated in Italy in 2010. Acquapole is primarily a strength training class with added water resistance. There are multiple variations of the Acquapole class including boxing and aquatic TRX which utilizes an elastic pole.

According to Acquapole’s website the low-impact workout mainly targets your abs. Acquapole holds classes in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Maryland, Hawaii, and Georgia.

Beats Rx

Lunges and squats are great for toning your legs.

This class proves that squats and lunges can really be fun. | Ozimician/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Beats Rx is a drum workout for the mind and body which incorporates creating beats, performing various exercises, and utilizing motivational mantras to successfully complete the class. The exercise was created by Curtis Byrd and is featured at Crunch Fitness locations nationwide.

Beats Rx is a mild cardio class great for beginners who want an interactive and unique workout. Participants will complete squats, lunges, and kicks throughout the drum class. Check out this video by Insider for a further look into the Beats Rx experience.

Aerial Fitness

A woman does Aerial Yoga.

Challenge yourself with a class like aerial yoga. | Patchareeporn S/iStock/Getty Images Plus

While aerial dance fitness classes have been valued as both an exercise and an art form for decades, modern studios are revamping the aerial workout to include pole dance training, aerial hoops, and fabric suspension. These classes focus on flexibility and strength training as well as core muscle development.

Aerial fitness has different variations nationwide. It was even featured as one of our wacky workouts to help you get fit.


Woman sprawled on the floor at dance class.

You’ve never seen a workout class like this before. | Artranq/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Unleash your inner animal with Zuu, an Australian fitness routine that was developed based on the patterns of wild animals. According to an article by Esquire, Zuu “combines cardio, strength training, and agility exercises that are all based around primal movements and animal instincts.”

Crawl, prance, and jump your way to a healthier lifestyle with Zuu’s online training classes. Zuu recently started offering workshops in the U.S. in California, Las Vegas, and Florida.


Woman sits happily on a trampoline.

Bet you didn’t think you could sculpt your body with a trampoline. | Viki2win/ iStock/Getty Images Plus

Combine your present fitness goals with your past favorite activity: the trampoline. TrampoLEAN produces a fun and effective cardio exercise by combining HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with a low-impact trampoline surface. Each participant receives their own mini trampoline for the 50 minute class.

TrampoLEAN’s website states that the exercises are easy to modify according to participants’ various fitness levels. While it may seem too good to be true that there’s an exercise that is both highly entertaining and highly effective, it gets better; the average participant burns 400-600 calories per class. You can sign up for a TrampoLEAN class through Stepping Out Studios in NYC.


A woman dances in fitness gear.

Is this a fitness class or a dance club? | Fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Leave your bongo drums at home for this rhythm-focused cardio class. POUND incorporates drumsticks designed for an exercise/jam session that is compatible with all fitness levels. The workout was co-created by CEO and former drummer/college athlete Kirsten Potenza.

POUND has gained traction as a motivational strength, sculpt, and cardio class. According to POUND’s website, the effects of drumming will boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue. This review by the Huffington Post gives further insight into POUND classes. POUND helps participants become the music that inspires and motivates them to keep exercising.