Want a Flat Stomach? 4 Ways You Can Have Abs Like Channing Tatum

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Cast of Magic Mike | Source: Warner Bros.

Channing Tatum has made a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, working his way up from relatively humble beginnings in Florida, to starring in major movie franchises like G.I. Joe, 21 Jump Street, and of course, Magic Mike and its sequel. Though he may not be Daniel Day Lewis, Tatum has definitely carved out a niche for himself as a formidable actor — and a rugged, muscular one at that.

Women want him, and men want to be him. And by working through the proper channels, you can get close.

One of Tatum’s signature physical attributes is definitely his flat core — meaning his chest and flat stomach. Think about it this way: If Tatum were to disappear off the face of the planet today, what would you remember about him in 20 years? Probably the fact that he was ripped. And that you were jealous. But rest assured, you can get there too. It just takes some discipline.

So, what’s Tatum’s secret to building and maintaining that physique? The secret is that there is no secret. It’s mostly hard work, proper dieting, and putting in the time. To get his signature six-pack abs, Tatum’s focus has been on building muscle definition and lean eating, along with a couple of other focuses. Here are four ways Tatum pulls it off, that anyone should be able to emulate.

But it won’t be easy.

1. Dedication


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Three hours per day spent working out is the ultimate definition of dedication, and that’s exactly what Tatum had to do to get into shape for the Magic Mike sequel. That’s right, if you truly want to get the body of a Greek god, it means putting in the hours. That, at least, is according to a report from People magazine, which says that the three hours per day at the gym was only one part of the overall regimen.

As for the specifics of his 180-minute workouts, details are scant. But there are numerous exercises that can be done to work the necessary muscles. Fitmole did a solid job of putting together a sample workout routine, which includes an emphasis on the chest, shoulders, and arms.

2. Strict Dieting

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We mentioned that Tatum’s goal was to get lean and defined, and as we all know, most of the battle is fought in the kitchen. To get his Magic Mike physique, Tatum stuck to a very strict diet — that included no dairy or gluten whatsoever. He also gave carbs the ax as well, meaning that he was basically following a Paleo-style diet. Though a lot of diets recommend cutting the carbs, a lot allow for dairy, as milk and cheese can be great sources for protein and calcium.

Not for Tatum, however.

The other part of the diet equation, naturally, was to keep track of what he was eating, and ensure that he was running a caloric deficit. In order to keep his body from storing extra calories and energy as fat reserves (which, for most people, first accumulate on the belly), Tatum had to make sure he was expending more energy than he was bringing in. That’s really the key to weight loss — though many people have a tough time with it.

3. Variation

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Though he needed to focus a considerable amount of time on exercising certain muscle groups to get in shape for certain roles, Tatum has maintained that variation is a key in ensuring he keeps in tip-top shape. That is, he’ll switch up routines and regimens every so often to make sure his muscles don’t adapt, and he’ll even incorporate fight-based workouts, according to Men’s Fitness.

That variation has a lot of positive effects; Tatum can make sure he gets more cardio and calorie-burning exercises in at certain times, and focus on building muscle at others.

4. Dancing


Channing Tatum dancing | Source: Summit Entertainment

You read that right, dancing. Not only has he perfected it on the big screen in movies like Step Up, but Tatum has also managed to make dancing a central component to his fitness routine. The mere fact that he has dance rehearsals — and a lot of them — ensures that he is burning a lot of calories through cardio workouts. Between his strict dieting and three-hour workouts, Tatum would have two dance rehearsals per day when preparing for his Magic Mike role.

Of course, if you didn’t know, Tatum was actually a real-life stripper in the past. So he had a bit of a head-start on some of his other co-stars. With a personal history of dancing and stripping, Tatum’s had to ensure that he’s maintained a muscular physique for many years now.

If you haven’t tried dancing before, maybe you should give it a shot. It’s a much more intense workout than most men would have ever thought.

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