Things Men Do That Women Find Sexy

Women can be confusing. What they look for in a man and what they avoid can be a long and sometimes contradictory list of attributes. One may like a man who takes control; another may say that being humble and laid-back is what turns her on. This back and forth is not only confusing, but also frustrating, especially when you’re trying to attract the interest of a certain girl.

Luckily there are several tried-and-true qualities that most women find sexy. Take these aspects to heart, but be aware of yourself and who you are. There is nothing worse than forcing a personality trait that isn’t natural. Be yourself but take advantage of these qualities for a noticeable boost against the competition.

1. Make her laugh

a couple at the bar drinking

Making a woman laugh is always important. |

Humor can take on many forms, so find your type and own it. Are you sarcastic? The first to make fun of yourself? Great with puns and witty one-liners? Release your form of funny confidently. There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who can make her genuinely laugh. There’s a reason Judd Apatow snagged Leslie Mann and Jason Sudeikis is with Olivia Munn. Women love a funny man. This doesn’t mean you have to be loud, annoying, and the center of attention. A few well-placed comments and clever observations will do the trick.

2. Show your interest

man and woman's shoes

Never hide that you’re interested. |

There is nothing worse than falling into the friend zone when you actually really like a girl. It’s hard to dig yourself out of the friend zone once you’ve fallen in. Get the right start by letting her know how sexy she looks or putting your hand on her lower back as you walk into the bar. Don’t be aggressive, but subtly let her know that you’re attracted to her. Women love being desired and feeling attractive. Just make sure she reciprocates the interest, otherwise you may be expelling energy and time on a wasted cause.

3. Be confident

Portrait of a happy young couple enjoying outdoors

Show your confidence. |

Being confident is a complicated one. It is one of the main qualities a woman looks for in a man, but it can easily go too far and come across the wrong way. While women love confidence, most hate arrogance. Be sure of yourself, walk into a room poised, and go for what (and who) you want. That being said, don’t be overly dominant or conceited. Try to maintain a quiet confidence while remaining humble and grounded.

4. Find your passion

Fit couple lifting heavy kettles

Always find your passions and follow them. |

People want to feel challenged and inspired, and your girl’s no different. If you have no dreams, hobbies, or passions, you can be sure she’ll lose interest quickly. How many times can you talk about the weather, the bar, and so on? Take time to develop yourself. Play the guitar, pick up road biking, play rec kickball, make pottery, or whatever catches your fancy. There is something sexy about hearing someone talk about something they’re passionate about. It makes people want to stop and listen, and it always works on the ladies.

5. Exude great style

a couple in fancy clothing

Be dressed to impress. |

Gone are the days of “real men” being sexy for not caring how they dress. Women appreciate a man with good style. It’s a turn-on when a man looks put together, is relatively aware of fashion trends, and most importantly, keeps himself groomed. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on designer jeans, but buy jeans in a hip, modern fit and keep them clean. No one wants to hang out with the smelly guy who still rocks the same look from high school. Take pride in the way you dress, style your hair, and smell good. Not only will it make you feel confident, but you can be sure she’ll notice.

6. Be a softy

happy couple sitting at cafe

Treat other women with respect. | Radojevic

Women watch the way you react to and treat other women. If you’re always yelling at your mom, she’ll notice. Rude to the waitress and leave her a bad tip? You can bet your girl is watching. Women see what kind of man you are by how you treat other women. The same goes for animals. Women love it when a man is kindhearted enough to gush over a kitten or is sweet with an old dog. Show her what kind of man you are by how you treat those around you, furry or not.