Marriage and Other Popular Things Millennials Are Ruining for the Rest of Us

Millennials are making significant changes to how Americans shop, bank and even interact. Some moves call out corporate greed and aim to level income equality, whereas others begs the question, “what were they thinking?”

While not all millennial trends are bad for everyone, their taste certainly ruins someone’s day. Here are 15 examples (check out No. 11 for good insight).

1. Banks

HSBC bank in London

Banks have been slow to appeal to millennials. | Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The generation to graduate from college during one of the worst recessions on record not only rejects banks, they find them irrelevant. “As consumers, millennials have been slow to accumulate wealth. They have huge debt. They’re facing unprecedented underemployment. They’ve been relatively unaddressed as a generation by banks. All of a sudden, you see purchasing power by millennials growing to over $1.3 trillion,” Scratch executive vice president Ross Martin told Fast Company.

Next: No more working 9 to 5. 

2. A typical workday

Google's headquarters

Silicon Valley companies like Google are changing what a workday looks like. |

The 9 to 5 workday is a joke for millennials as flextime and being able to work when they want (and where they want) is a priority, according to Entrepreneur. Millennials also crave more training and online tools to help them do their job.

Next: Millennials prefer experiences over things. 

3. Being a consumer

Young woman in international airport near the flight information board

Millennials care more about experiences than stuff. | encrier/iStock/Getty Images

Growing up in a massive recession can easily kill your buzz to drop dough on a bunch of “stuff.” Rather than amassing things, millennials would rather spend money on experiences like travel, CNBC reports.

Next: No interest in credit cards. 

4. Credit cards

hands holding a fan of credit cards

Millennials are wary of credit cards. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Credit cards seem to scare millennials more than Freddy Krueger and this may be a huge mistake, according to CNN. Saddled with student loan debt, less than one-third of millennials have a credit card, which may inhibit credit score development.

Next: Millennials aren’t rushing into marriage. 

5. Marriage

Millennials tend to get married later in life.| Andreua/iStock/Getty Images

While millennials are getting married, they are doing so at a later age, according to MarketWatch. Why? Because they would rather take time to ensure the relationship is solid before taking the plunge.

“There is pressure from culture and family and friends to pick somebody to marry at a certain time,” Grant Langston, chief executive officer of eHarmony said to MarketWatch. “That is a terrible idea — people need to push back on that idea because relationships prove more successful if they do.”

Next: Who needs a car when you have Lyft? 

6. The auto industry

Uber car stopped in the street on July 20, 2015 in New York City.

Millennials are choosing ridesharing over car ownership. | Getty Images

The auto industry is a little nervous about how millennials seem to shun buying a new car. Ride share services make it easy for millennials to just Uber where they’d like to go, plus many move to cities for jobs, Forbes reports. Public transportation makes it easier and less expensive than dealing with a vehicle.

Next: Diamond engagement rings are not popular. 

7. The diamond engagement ring

Diamonds have a bad rap with millennials. | iStock

Diamonds are no longer a millennial girl’s best friend as young romantics steer away from the traditional diamond engagement ring, The Daily Beast reports. Some millennials say diamonds represent oppression, so they stay away.

“As a young girl, I was told that diamonds had a lot of issues surrounding slavery and bad mining conditions,” Hope Rehak told The Daily Beast. “I feel very weird about the concept of blood diamonds, and if I were to ever get a stone I would prefer it to be ‘ethically procured’ if there even really is such a thing.”

Next: Millennials aren’t sticking around long at their jobs.

8. Corporate loyalty

Partners meeting in cafe

For millennials, jobs come and go.  | DragonImages/iStock/Getty Images

Receiving the symbolic gold watch for decades of service at a single company is not going to happen for most millennials, according to At least one in four millennials would leave their job for something better and only 16% would probably be with the same company in the next 10 years.

What makes millennials leave their job? Many point to underutilized leadership skills but even millennials in management roles would jump ship for a better opportunity.

Next: They still workout but on their own terms.

9. Traditional gyms

Companies like Soul Cycle are putting the traditional gym out of business. |  Mike Coppola/Getty Images

That gym membership collecting dust is the latest trend among millennials, as most are migrating to places like Soul Cycle or even working out using online streaming services, The New York Post reports. In the past, the standard neighborhood gym ruled, but today, millennials want a more customized workout experience.

Next: Who knew cereal would be so hated?

10. Breakfast

Boxes of General Mills brand cereals are displayed at Scotty's Market

Cereal — and breakfast in general — is falling by the wayside. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Although cereal was cited as being the most shunned breakfast food for millennials, breakfast in general seems to have fallen by the wayside, GQ reports. More people are rushing to get to work in the morning and breakfast is a casualty of business.

“It all ties back to being too busy to have a sit-down breakfast at home, and that’s impacting product development across the board,” Amanda Topper, senior food analyst at Mintel said to GQ.

Next: Dinner dates are a thing of the past. 

11. Traditional dating

woman rejecting a geek boy offering flowers

Dates just feel old-fashioned. |

Meeting your future betrothed is more likely to happen online because millennials simply don’t have time or interest to invest in a dinner date, MarketWatch reports. Online dating seems to be the preferred method to find that special someone for millennials, which allows for a maximum number of dates in a relatively short amount of time.

Next: When you take Netflix and chill literally.  

12. Hanging out in person

For many couples, this is what a modern date looks like. | iStock

Many millennials would rather ride the couch and stream something on television instead of getting dressed and going out, Vice reports. Beyond being a pretty frugal generation, its easier to communicate and socialize online. In fact, quite a few do it sober as a 2016 Heineken survey found 75% drink in moderation.

Next: Being a homeowner. 

13. Owning a home

home for sale

Home ownership is out of reach for many Millennials. | David McNew/Getty Images

Home ownership is harder to achieve for millennials as another American dream is dashed, CNBC reports. The main reason for the lack of home ownership is affordability with only 39% of millennials able to meet the standard 20% down payment requirement, according to Zillow.

Next: Television viewing is down for millennials. 

14. Cable

Woman holding hotel magazine

Couples are cutting the cord. | Hall

Who needs Comcast or Direct TV when you can stream a million authentic shows directly to your laptop or television? In fact, millennials watch less television than older generations, spending about 27 hours less in front of the tube than those age 50 and older, according to The Motley Fool.

While millennials like their gaming systems, they use their phones less than 35 to 49-year-olds and use devices less than other age groups.

Next: They’d rather snack than commit to a full lunch. 

15. Lunch

hummus with green olives and pita chips

Snacking is replacing lunch. |

The days of the business lunch may be going by the wayside as millennials prefer snacking over doing lunch, according to Metro. Some reports point to a drop in lunchtime diners and some experts contend snacks will overtake meals by 2024.

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