The Things You Need to Immediately Stop Bragging About to Family and Friends

Friends and family can’t wait to hear about your new Tesla, your kid’s straight A’s, and how you crushed it at CrossFit last night, right? Wrong. If you believe that statement than you definitely have a bragging problem that you need to harness immediately. Even your own mother likely does not want to hear about how many reps you can do at the gym, so why do you keep telling people?

Why do we brag? Science says people who over post on social media or brag about their relationships may have low self esteem, while narcissists seek validation for their achievements, according to Science Alert.

So are you guilty of bragging either in person or online? Check out No. 5 as most people have used this brag more than once.

1. OMG I have so many toys

2012 Lamborghini Aventador

Yes, it’s a cool car. No, no one wants to hear about it. | Lamborghini

If you ask your friends whether to take the Benz or the Jag to dinner and how going first class to Paris is the only way to go, you may be out of control with material bragging. Boasting about your “stuff” is crass, CBS News reports. And the truth is, those who die with the most toys just dies. There’s no winning.

Next: Being smart is my thing.

2. I know words. I have the best words

Donald Trump at lunch

Believe us, no one brags like Donald Trump. | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

When Donald Trump tweeted that he was a “very stable genius,” it prompted a roaring reaction online and throughout the country. Truly intelligent people typically don’t talk about their I.Q. and admit they don’t know everything, The Atlantic reports. If you feel the need to boast about your brains, you may want to keep it to yourself.

Next: My kids are not only top lacrosse players, they are straight A students.

3. I’m the parent of an honor student

Adult son living at home with parents

Not even honor students want to hear it from their parents. | Highwaystarz-Photography/iStock/Getty Images

Making comparisons to other people’s kids, especially when it comes to academics and activities, is not only annoying, it can damage relationships. When you brag about your offspring, people hear you saying that your kids are better than others, according to Psychology Today.

Next: Listen to me because I know what I’m talking about.

4. Let me help you because I know better

Headache In Office

“Please stop. I know what I’m doing.” |

Encountering a know-it-all can be frustrating, even if they have a valuable message to share. Know-it-all people typically dominate the conversation and blow off input from others, Forbes notes. Those who take a tone of superiority usually end up spreading unhappiness, especially at work.

Next: I’m the busiest person in the world.

5. The reason I’m so busy is because I’m so important

If you’re really busy, you don’t have time to talk about it. | iStock

That’s the message busy braggers often try to convey, according to The Huffington Post. People who brag about being busy want to see themselves as worthy and important, which may be a way to avoid getting to the things that really matter in life, The Ladders reports.

Next: Check out how fast I can run.

6. I’m #killingit at the gym

Exercise is incredibly important. But no one cares about your workout selfies. | iStock

If seeing one more social media post about race times or Iron Man challenges makes you want to throw up, you aren’t alone. In fact, a study by Brunel University found those who post about their fitness prowess are attention seekers who may have psychological issues, The Independent reports.

Next: I’m a straight shooter.

7. I’m not a PC kind of person who minces words

Problems between generations concept

People who “tell it like it is” are usually insufferable. |

Telling people “how it is,” is basically like saying, “I’m a total jerk!” People who are proud of saying they keep it real use this excuse to mask that they don’t want to be called out for being totally insensitive.

Next: I went to Harvard. And you didn’t.

8. Otherwise known as, ‘my student loan debt is deeper than yours’

Harvard university

No one cares where you went to college. | Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock

At this point, crushing student loan debt may have shaken the dissolution that an expensive school always leads to the better job, Forbes reports. Even if you got a full ride to an Ivy League school, no one really cares that you had more of an elitist college experience than others.

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