10 Things That Look Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump is known for a lot of things and has been mired in controversy for decades. What no one realizes is that Donald Trump has become so infamous, inanimate and animate objects are starting to look like him. We noticed it one day and have been seeing it everywhere we look.

Take a look at all these things that Donald Trump looks like (No. 1 will leave you laughing).

10. A Troll Doll

Donald Trump and Troll doll collage.

Left: Donald Trump’s hair doing its thing. | AFP/Getty Images, Right: This Troll Doll looks very familiar. | B0412130 via Instagram

If you really think about it, Donald Trump is one of the biggest internet trolls around. It only makes sense that he looks similar to a Troll Doll. Let a good breeze come along and it can carry that hair of his to new heights.

Next: Could it be possible that Trump is a time-traveler? 

9. Biff from Back To The Future

Biff and Donald Trump collage.

Left: Biff’s hair was pretty cringe. | Universal Pictures, Right: Donald Trump shares a similar hue to Biff. | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

It all makes sense now. Biff is Trump! Trump is Biff! In all likelihood, time travel in the sense of Back to the Future II does not, nor will it ever exist. But there are other ways you can technically travel through time. Nevertheless, Biff and Donald probably share the political beliefs.

Next: The comparisons go deeper than just the looks. 

8. This guinea pig

Guinea pig and Donald Trump collage.

Left: This furry little creature was cursed with unfortunate hair. | Christrutwin via Twitter, Right: The guinea pig isn’t the only one. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It goes far beyond that hair in this comparison. There’s also the hands that are pretty small. The brains are probably an equal comparison. The only difference is that Trump is far less cuddly that this little furry creature.


7. Mama Fratelli from The Goonies

Donald Trump and Mama Fratelli collage.

Left: Mama Fratelli was a memorable character. | Warner Bros., Right: Donald Trump shares Mama Fratelli’s striking frown. | Pool/Getty Images

If you really think about it, Trump treats his children in a similar fashion. Tiffany in no way looks like Sloth, but she is treated like a pariah in the same way sloth is. It could be argued that Eric and Sloth have the same personality. On top of that, Donald treats Eric & Don Jr. in the same fashion as Francis and Jake Fratelli.

Next: We were gonna have to address the skin tone at some point.

6. An Oompa Loompa

Donald Trump and Oompa Loompa collage.

Left: Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa. | Paramount Pictures, Right: Trump’s orange tan and pout makes him a dead ringer for an Oompa Loompa. | Dominick Reuter/Getty Images

You had to see this coming. It’s the oldest comparison in the book. It doesn’t matter what side of the approval spectrum you are on, there is no denying that Donald Trump has orange skin. Well, unless you are color blind. That is a reasonable excuse.

Next: Just imagine if Trump’s hair could get up and start moving. 

5. Puss Caterpillar

Donald Trump and caterpillar collage.

Left: This caterpillar has an interesting hairstyle. | Patrick Coin via Wikicommon, Right: The bug isn’t the only one who likes this hair. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

If you have ever seen one, you know they are weird looking. So is this Puss Caterpillar. They look like they just rolled out of a hangover on the Jersey Shore with that faux-hawk hair. But, at a certain angle and a certain light, they do look like Trump’s hair just decided to get up and take a walk.

Next: You’re gonna love hearing this one.

4. This dog’s ear

Donald Trump and dog ear collage.

Left: This dog’s ear looks shockingly familiar. | Inside Edition via YouTube, Right: His image is found in some strange places. | Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images,

A big part of politics is hearing what your constituents needs are. It only seems appropriate that an ear that looks like a president would come up. Hopefully, this dog gets some good scratches behind the ear for letting it’s human to take a picture in there.

Next: Here he is looking regal as can be. The president looks alright as well.

3. This pheasant

Peasant and Donald Trump.

Left: This bird has a great set of hair. | Inside Edition via YouTube, Right: Donald Trump did it first. | Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

We’re not gonna lie, this pheasant looks majestic as hell. If you wanted to be compared to something or told that you look like something, wouldn’t you want it to be something regal like this bird? We think it’s more of a compliment than anything.

Next: When a person has a spirit animal, they don’t generally look like them.

2. A gopher

Donald Trump and gopher collage.

Left: A gopher stands tall and proud. | TT/Getty Images, Right: Donald resembles the furry little creature. | Nicholas Kamm

This should be Donald Trump’s spirit animal. Afterall, it is the quintessential terror of the golf course. For anyone who has ever watched Caddy Shack, you can understand why. Trump, on the other hand, tends to take his liberties with the scoring on a golf course despite his semi-decent drive and approach.

Next: Our favorite snack may have been ruined. 

1. A bowl of Cheetos

Donald Trump and Cheetah collage.

Left: Our favorite Cheetos spokesperson. | FritoLay/The Cheet Sheet, Right: Trump’s orange infamous tan. | Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

They don’t call him the Cheeto-in-Chief for anything. He sets himself up with all that fake tanner and/or makeup. Some say it’s his natural skin color, but that can only come naturally if you eat too many carrots. Given his diet, we doubt he get’s any vegetables.

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