Things That Only Get Better After the Age of 50

If birthday candles make you groan because you hit age 50 (or beyond), take heart. Turning 50 or older has some distinct advantages both mentally and physically. In fact, older Americans are the happiest Americans, ABC News reports. Once you get older, the same pressures to score a killer career, make a pile of money and support a family is off.

Plus, aging isn’t what it used to be. Celebrities like George Clooney, Halle Berry, Keanu Reeves, and more look better than ever. So get happy because we have a list of things that only get better with age.

1. Your math skills and vocabulary improve

French mathematician Cedric Villani

Your math skills will peak in your 50s. | Joel Saget/AFP/GettyImages

Your 50s are going to rock academically, especially if math was a sore subject for you in high school. Math skills are at their height around age 50, according to this study. Plus, you’ll know more words (and how to properly use them) later in life too.

Next: Your anxiety may see a drop.

2. Older adults find their chill much easier

Seniors Enjoying Outdoor Dinner Party

You may feel less stressed as you age. | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

The ups and downs experienced when you were younger may fade away, as older adults seem to have a better handle on their emotions, reports. You are clear with your feelings, plus you can master your emotional impulses.

Next: And you can take those smarts when you shop.

3. You have more cash to spend on yourself

Views Of St Moritz In The Winter

With a little more disposable income, why not treat yourself? | Oli Scarff/Getty Images

With the kids out of the house and that nest egg paying some sweet dividends, now is finally the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Approximately 71% of those age 50 and older report being able to live in financial comfort, according to a survey conducted by Today.

Next: Which also means more time to play.

4. Older adults have more free time

You have more time to get back to doing what you love. | Chevrolet

Whether you are rediscovering your partner or taking up a new hobby, older adults’ schedule is less jammed than in previous years. About 66% of the participants in the Today survey said they had more free time at this age.

Next: Your brain may be functioning better than ever.

5. Older and wiser is true

Senior teacher at desk talking to adult education students

Aging can actually make you a better thinker. | monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

Your reasoning and problem-solving skills improve, plus those in their 50s make better money decisions, according to Other “older and wiser” benefits include brain growth (yep, your brain actually continues to grow), being better able to use both sides of your brain, and enhanced people skills.

Next: Or start a new career. 

6. Scoring a new job after 50 isn’t as hard as it once was

Christmas work party

Some companies prefer hiring more experinced workers.  | Ulrik Tofte/iStock/Getty Images

Ageism in the workplace is a chronic issue, however, discrimination charges continue to drop, plus unemployment numbers for older workers are low, according to Time. Some companies seek older workers and others are discovering that mature workers tend to be dependable, flexible, and highly skilled.

Next: Your love may grow.

7. You’ll re-connect with your soul mate

Senior Couple with Water Bottles

You can spend more time with the one you love. | Feverpitched/iStock/Getty Images

Kids, careers, and schedules can often make it tough to have time to gaze into your partner’s eyes and feel the love. However, as you wind down at work and the kids have left the nest, you may have more time to bond and grow your love, according to Prevention.

Next: So, about your sex life…

8. You can reclaim your sex life

Senior couple sleeping

You can get close to one another again. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

No longer do you have to worry about the kids busting in on you, sex can be fun again after age 50, according to The Huffington Post. You can be spontaneous, plus being physical is just as important at 50 or older as it was when you were in your 20s.

Next: But don’t forget birth control.

9. You may be able to still have children

family riding in a car

People are having children at a later age. | Solovyova/iStock/Getty Images

Although fertility declines after your mid-30s, you may still be able to have children after age 50, according to Women’s Health Concern. This may be welcome news to women who may still want to have children, but not such good news to those who already raised a family.

Next: And you can still look hot after age 50 too.

10. Looking sexy at 50 is not as hard as you think

Jennifer Lopez on a lounge chair in a swim suit, holding her iPhone

Jennifer Lopez is proof that you don’t have to give up looking good as you age.  | Jennifer Lopez via Instagram

You can stay fit and slim at any age as long as you accommodate your aging body, The New York Post reports. Fewer calories should be consumed (only up to about 1,700 per day for women) and avoid eating unless you are hungry. And while exercise is key, you don’t have to go nuts. Workout in short, explosive bursts about four times per week for about 45 minutes per session to stay in shape.

Next: You’ll be far more satisfied with yourself too.

11. You’ll like the way you look

senior couple reading a map while traveling

The older you get, the more confident you get about your looks. | jacoblund/iStock/Getty Images

It may take you a few years after you turn 50, but older adults report feeling more satisfied with their physical appearance than younger adults, according to a Gallup poll. Approximately 66% of those age 65 and older either agreed or strongly agreed that they always feel good about their appearance.

Next: Plus you’ll feel a lot better too (if you have allergies).

12. Allergies will be less bothersome later in life

Man sneezing in a tissue

Say goodbye to bad allergies. | iStock/Getty Images

Believe or not, allergy sufferers suffer a lot less in later years. “We’re not sure exactly why, but we do see that older people don’t have as many symptoms of seasonal allergies,” Michael J. Welch, co-director of the Allergy & Asthma Medical Group and Research Center in San Diego said to Prevention. “We tend to outgrow food allergies, as well.”

Next: You may also get sick less often.

13. The common cold will become a distant stranger

Cold Medicine

Get ready to spend less on cold medicine. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Perhaps the days of catching the virus your child brought home built up a killer immunity because you may catch fewer colds in middle age, The Huffington Post reports. While the common cold may not be as prevalent, you still need your flu shot since that virus mutates all the time.

Next: No more manscaping (or ladyscaping).

14. Less body hair means less hair to shave and wax

less body hair means less to shave. |

Men won’t have to worry about their hairy backs and women don’t have to shave as much because you have less body hair as you age, according to The Huffington Post. However, keep in mind that also means the hair on your head may thin and become brittle.

Next: You begin a fun, new chapter.

15. Midlife crisis ends at 50

Senior Couple on a Cruise Vacation

After some hard years, things tend to get better. | Yobro10/ iStock / Getty Images

The midlife crisis that plagues many of those in their 40s evaporates once 50 arrives. Perhaps you stop stressing because of further brain development or you’ve endured a number of life lessons, but the angst you experienced during the previous decade is gone and is replaced by clarity.

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