7 Things to Know About Emily Weinman and Her NJ Beach Arrest That Went Viral

Memorial Day Weekend in New Jersey is a holiday weekend that brings thousands of tourists and locals alike to New Jersey beaches. But for one young woman, a day out with family and a friend turned her into an overnight viral sensation. A violent video went viral that showed 20-year-old Emily Weinman being punched in the head by police. Now, she’s at the center of a police brutality investigation.

Here’s everything we know about her and the incident — check out page 5 to learn a little more about her past.

Weinman was arrested on the beach in an altercation that went viral

Emily Weinman in a mirror selfie.

Emily Weinman’s incident made headlines around the world. | _MrParks via Twitter

Weinman’s name made headlines over Memorial Day Weekend when a video of her arrest went viral. The video showed one police officer punching Weinman in the head. Someone in the background was heard yelling, “Stop resisting,” while Weinman was heard saying the police officer had no right to choke her. The video, along with the dialogue, sparked a story that spread nationwide.

Next: Despite rumors, Weinman was not drunk during the incident. 

She passed a breathalyzer test just a few minutes before the altercation was recorded

Emily Weinmann seen in a video.

She passed a breathalyzer test by a police officer on the beach. | TheImproperMag via Twitter

Before the altercation turned physical, police approached Weinman when they spotted alcohol. She told them it belonged to her aunt who was not present at the time. The police then breathalyzed her, and she passed. They then asked for her  last name and wanted her to pour the alcohol out. When she refused to give her last name, things escalated. Body cam footage recorded one police offer saying, “You’re about to get dropped,” just before things turned physical.

Next: Weinman’s child witnessed the whole thing. 

Weinman’s young daughter was with her when the arrest took place

Police officers detaining Emily Weinman.

Eyewitnesses on the scene recorded the altercation. | George Village via Twitter

The 20-year-old was with her daughter, her daughter’s father, and a friend when the incident occurred. In the video, a young child being held by a male can be seen and heard crying in the background. It’s unknown if that was Weinman’s daughter. Weinman had traveled to the Jersey Shore from Pennsylvania to celebrate the holiday weekend.

Next: Numerous charges were filed against her. 

She was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, among other things

A statement by Emily Weinman's lawyer.

A statement released by Emily Weinman’s lawyer.  | TrangdoCBS3 via Twitter

When all was said and done, Weinman did not walk free. According to NBC Philadelphia, she was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated assault by spitting bodily fluids at/on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction, and minor in possession of alcohol. Tony Leonetti, the Wildwood commissioner of public safety, said Weinman kicked one of the officer in the groin. The kick was not caught on body camera footage.

Next: Weinman does have a criminal past. 

Weinman was on 4 years’ probation when the beach incident occurred

A person in handcuffs.

Weinman’s past was uncovered in light of her viral video. | Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images

This was not Weinman’s first run-in with the law. According to court documents, Weinman was arrested in 2016 on $10,000 bail. She was charged with burglary, simple assault, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and reckless endangerment. Weinman plead guilty to simple assault and reckless endangerment. She received four years of probation for the crime.

Next: Since the viral video, Weinman has not been doing well. 

Weinman’s lawyer has called her ‘a prisoner in her own home’ ever since the viral video

A pair of handcuffs and a gravel.

Weinmann is unable to leave her home. | iStock.com

Ever since Weinman became a household name overnight, her lawyer said she is not dealing well with the results. Stephen Dicht, Weinman’s lawyer, said she is “a prisoner in her own home” and dealing with depression. Weinman has reportedly scheduled a doctor’s appointment for her depression. She also saw a chiropractor for neck and back injuries, but did not have any visible bruises, according to reports.

Next: The Wildwood mayor made his stance clear. 

The Wildwood mayor has sided with the police officers

A Wildwood amusement park.

The mayor of the popular beach town sided with the officers. | AwakenedEye/Getty Images

According to NJ.com, Wildwood mayor Ernie Troiano said, “She refused to comply; unfortunately, this is what happened.” Troiano said the police officers were doing their jobs. He said police wrote hundreds of tickets that weekend in an attempt to change Wildwood’s well-known “party town” image. The investigation is still ongoing, but Troiano is certain the police had every right to react in the way they did.

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