The Things You Can Do on Sunday to Lose Weight All Week

Set a positive tone for the entire week by getting ready on Sunday. In fact, what you do on Sunday can determine your personal productivity for the week. Set your weight loss goals high for the week, and spend Sunday doing these eight things.

1. Weigh yourself

man taking his measurements

Weigh yourself once a week. |

You should not weigh yourself every day because your weight can fluctuate. However, you should try and weigh yourself once a week to assess your progress and to get you motivated to get that number on the scale to drop. What better day than Sunday to start your weight loss journey for the week?

2. Clear out the fridge

man looking in his fridge

Clear your fridge of old or unhealthy foods. |

You know you have some funky stuff going on in your fridge — namely Chinese leftovers from Friday night. Since we’ve officially slated Sunday as your day to begin your weight loss journey, this means if you’re going to stick to your diet, you’re going to have to get rid of the food that tempts you to cheat. Open your fridge and your cabinets and look for anything that you might sneak for when your sweet tooth rears its ugly head. Instead, throw your triggers in the trash or give it to someone who needs it — why not feel good about your weight loss by helping others in the process? It is much easier to stay on track when you don’t have any temptation in your house.

3. Plan your workouts for the week

woman dumbbell squat

Plan when you’ll work out. |

You know how you have a calendar with all your work appointments and things you have to do scheduled down to the minute? Well, Sunday is the day to make it a point to schedule your workouts and make them fit into your week. Your workouts shouldn’t feel like a chore, but in order for you to get your weight under control and improve your overall health, you need to schedule your workouts as you would your doctor’s appointments. Telling yourself you’ll squeeze in a run or a trip to the gym on a whim often leads to skipped workouts.

4. Get that laundry done

man doing his laundry

Make sure to finish your laundry. |

Don’t let the fact that you have no workout clothes for the week be your excuse for not going. Nothing puts a damper on your workouts like not having any clean compression shorts or socks. Making sure you do your laundry on Sunday, so you have everything you need for the week to hit the gym not only sets your week at ease, but keeps you motivated. Wearing your normal gym clothes and not your ratty old T-shirt can do a lot for your motivation.

5. Plan out your meals for the week

Top down view of a woman taking photo of a meal

Plan what you’ll have for dinner ahead of time. |

This one might sound a little tedious, but if you take the time to write out a weekly eating plan including all meals and snacks, it’s easier for you to stick to your weight loss plan. For some meal and snack inspiration, check out some of these suggestions. Once you take a look and have figured out what you need for the week, make a grocery list to include of how much you’ll need to stock up for the week. Realize if you take your lunch to work, not only will you be saving calories, but you’ll be keeping an extra $2,500 a year in your bank account. Weight loss and money saved? Sign yourself up for this now.

6. Do your food shopping for most of the week

grocery list, shopping

Get your shopping out of the way early. |

Once you’ve figured out your meal prep out for the week, it’s time to go food shopping. Head to your local grocery store on Sunday to go food shopping for the week. Try going earlier in the morning or later in the day to avoid the Sunday-shopper rush. Shopping is one of those small steps that makes a huge difference in starting your week off healthy.

7. Get your gear together

man holding a plank

Have your gym bag packed and ready to go. |

The best way to ensure you get your behind to the gym is to get everything together — your sneakers, shorts, and whatever else you need and make sure everything is easy to grab throughout the week. Another great tip: On a scheduled workout day, pack your gym bag the night before and leave it by the door or by your briefcase where it’s easy to remember, and grab it while on your way out the door in the morning. Also, Sunday is a great time to put together a new playlist to inspire your workout for the week.

8. Go to bed early

man sleeping next to a ticking alarm clock

Get enough sleep. |

Why not start the week off right and at least attempt to get a good night’s rest? Aim for the recommended seven to nine hours to fuel you right for Monday and start a trend for the week ahead.