5 Things You Should Never Do in Front of Your Partner

Your partner typically sees everything you do, and secrets are probably few. But there are certain things you just shouldn’t do in front of your partner. One obvious example is sitting on the toilet for an extended period of time (so we’ll leave that one off this list). If you’re trying to keep the romance alive, keep these relationship faux pas in mind. Here are five things you should never do in front of your partner.

1. Cut your toenails on the couch

man kicking up his feet to nap on a coach

Couches are for lounging, not for clipping toenails. | iStock.com

While this Good Housekeeping article dictates how you shouldn’t trim or bite your toenails on the sofa, we’ll just focus on the former, seeing as biting your toenails should never, ever be done. No partner should ever put up with that. Clipping toenails is a different story. As necessary as it is, clipping your toenails should be done in the bathroom, preferably directly over the wastebasket. Unless your partner has some sort of foot fetish, it’s best to keep the clipping to the bathroom, alone.

2. Put on Spanx

woman in black dress

Put on Spanx in private. | iStock.com/Kuzmichstudio

Most people wear at least some sort of clothing or accessory that enhances their appearance. Make-up, cologne, fake nails — these are just a few ways in which a person attempts to make themselves feel better or look more attractive. And while this is all fine and good, when it comes to specific undergarments, it’s best to dress behind closed doors. We’re talking about Spanx, here. The Huffington Post agrees, saying putting on these suckers is hardly a graceful process. While their purpose is wonderful — making all those little bumps and ripples disappear under your dress — the actual act of stepping into Spanx can look more like struggling your way into a wet suit than slipping into something elegant. Leave this chore to the privacy of your own room, without your partner having to watch.

3. Catch your partner off guard with a new sex move

couple kissing

Don’t try anything crazy in the bedroom without letting your partner know first. | iStock.com

Naturally, exploring one another and bringing new creativity into the bedroom helps to keep things spicy, but just be careful as to how you’re introducing anything out of the ordinary. If you’re in the mood to really get your freak on, make sure you’ve warned your partner before throwing anything too rash into the mix. If you try whipping out a new move as a total surprise, Uptown says you may be in for some dangerous consequences. So, just make sure you heed caution next time you decide to get a little more creative.

4. Groom down there

Schick products

Keep your grooming to yourself. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Schick Hydro

While this article from The Frisky points out that men shouldn’t shave their privates in front of women, it’s safe to say this rule applies to both genders. Whether you’re waxing, shaving, using Nair, or testing out any other hip new method of keeping everything maintained down there, remember it’s a personal thing. It should be seen by your (and your waxer’s) eyes only. A little bit of mystery is a good thing.

5. Discuss your number

a male couple sits on the stairs while having a serious talk

Discussing your number could lead to an argument. | iStock.com

Of sexual partners, that is. While it’s likely in this day and age that most people are no longer virgins by the time they get married, Elite Daily reminds us that this reality doesn’t mean you should be discussing your previous partners, either. Yes, it’s important to be open with your partner about your sexual history, but it’s also important to keep in mind that he or she may not want to hear all the little details, all the time. Leave the past where it belongs, and be thankful for the partner you have right now.