This 25-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your Day

Most of us go to bed with every intention of waking up with enough time to properly start our day, but after a late-night Game of Thrones binge, our good friend the snooze button becomes more and more appealing. As a result, you frantically wake up at the last possible minute and rush out the door with barely enough time to brush your teeth, let alone accomplish any of the morning tasks you set for yourself the night before.

This morning routine will improve your day

This morning routine will improve your day immensely. | Thinkstock

This frenzied start to your day, mixed with the guilt from not undertaking your morning goals, bleeds into your entire day. Your work performance, mindset, and interaction with others will be negatively impacted. Starting your morning in a calm, peaceful way ensures you will feel more accomplished and productive for the remainder of the day. Your morning sets the tone for each day and the value of each day constructs the quality of your life.

Here are a few morning routine tips that will change your day.

1. Drink warm lemon water

water with lemon

Start your day with lemon water. |

Lemon is a natural energizer that hydrates and oxygenates the body. The fruit is packed with vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and fiber (whew!). That being said, you won’t score huge amounts with the tiny bit you end up using in your water. It’s more about getting some fluid into your system. This step is key in hydrating your body first thing in the morning so it feels revitalized and refreshed the rest of the day.

Drink lukewarm lemon water 15 to 20 minutes before you eat breakfast. You’ll tank up and you may find yourself less ravenous when you sit down to eat.

2. Move your body

fit young woman doing the butterfly stretch

Get up and move. |

Spend 10 minutes (or less!) stretching your body to loosen stiff muscles. First, roll your shoulders forward and backward to open your chest and wake up your upper body. Then, reach your arms overhead and stretch from side to side. Bend forward and try to touch your toes, which will stretch your hamstrings and release your back muscles. Finally, come down onto your knees and sit back on your heels for child’s pose to open the hips and stretch the knee joints.

3. Meditate


Meditation is necessary. | Thinkstock

Meditation may sound scary, but it can be anything you want it to be. Find an uncluttered, quiet place and sit in a comfortable seated position (feel free to sit on a pillow or against a wall). You can breathe deeply and focus on your breath or enjoy a guided meditation using the app Headspace. Give yourself around 10 minutes to meditate. Take this time to connect with yourself and balance your physical, mental, and emotional states before your begin your day. Meditation helps release stress and anxiety, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful, happy, and relaxed day.

4. Write down your intention

pad of paper and books

Write down what you want out of your day. |

Take a moment to focus your energy on who you want to be today or what you want to accomplish. Is there something you’ve wanted to work on? A habit you’ve wanted to quit or a personality quality you’ve wanted to develop? This can be a single sentence and should give your day focus. Setting daily intentions can help you achieve happiness and fulfillment, while providing you with a better understanding of your values, goals, and purpose.