This Couple Has 36 Children and Spends $52,000 on Groceries a Year

If you think the Duggars of 19 Kids and Counting fame have a lot of children, you haven’t seen anything yet. There’s another family out there who have way more kids than the Duggars. Meet Jeane and Paul Briggs, the proud parents of 36 children.

Here’s the story of Jeane and Paul Briggs’ unusually large family — and how they afford so many kids.

How they met

The Briggs family all together.

This couple was eager to raise a big, big family. | Jeane Briggs via Facebook

The love bug bit these two early in life. The pair met as children. “Our first ‘date’ was a babysitting job of mine,” said Jeane on her blog. Children have always been a central part of Jeane and Paul’s relationship. Jeane says the fact that Paul is good with children is part of the reason their relationship has lasted so long. The couple have been married more than 39 years.

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Why they chose to have so many kids

The Briggs family all together.

They both loved adding new members to their family. | Jeane Briggs via Facebook

So, why do Jeane and Paul have so many children? Well, Jeane simply answers on her blog that she and her husband love children. And we guess you would have to love kids if you’re going to have that many. On her blog, Jeane says she loves anything that has to do with children. This comes as no surprise considering she has a degree in early childhood education. She and Paul currently have five biological children and 31 adopted children, for a grand total of 36.

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An expression of love

The Briggs family on an outing.

The family has a great dynamic. | Jeane Briggs via Facebook

This couple has whole lot of love to give. Jeane also said she and her husband chose to have a bunch of kids as a way to express their love. Said Jeane: “We have an old-fashioned sign on our mantle that reads, ‘All Because Two People Fell in Love.’ We did fall in love with the Lord and each other, and we have 36 blessings that express our love.”

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Their mission

The Briggs family outside of their home.

The family is filled with children who needed homes. | Jeane Briggs via Facebook

The Briggs’ goal is to rescue children in need and give them a loving home. During their 2014 Today interview, the couple was getting ready to make a trip to western Africa to bring home an abandoned baby who was missing legs and hands. “[Jeane and Paul] have adopted children from Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Ghana. They seek out hard-to-place older and special-needs kids,” reports Today.

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Their grocery bill

Groceries on conveyor belt at a supermarket.

This family needs a lot of groceries to feed their family. | Ryan McVay/Getty Images

As you can imagine, Jeane and Paul have a pretty high grocery bill. Feeding a quiver full of kids is costly. When they spoke to Today back in 2014, they said they were shelling out $52,000 a month to pay for groceries. This is almost double what the Duggars spent on groceries. In their book The Duggars: 20 and Counting, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar revealed it used to cost roughly $3,000 each month to clothe and feed their brood (when all the children were living under one roof).

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How can they afford all those kids?

A red shopping cart in a supermarket.

Everything fell into place for the family. | Gyn9038/iStock/Getty Images

The Briggs get a lot of help. Paul works for a credit card processing company. His employer, First Data, pays employees $10,000 each time they adopt a child. In addition, Paul’s company also provides excellent health insurance. This is important because several members of the Briggs family have medical issues. “One child had a hole in the heart, another suffered from polio. Others are cancer survivors, have cleft lips or cleft palates, leg deformities, scoliosis, kidney problems, autism, learning disabilities and attachment issues,” reports Today.

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Are they done welcoming kids into their home?

The family at the beach.

The family is sure to continue to grow. | Jeane Briggs via Facebook

So, what’s next for Jeane and Paul? Are they finally done adding children to their family? Surprisingly, it doesn’t look like the couple is done expanding their brood. They won’t be slowing down any time soon. Jeane says on her blog they have five biological children and 31 adopted children—so far. So, from the looks of things, these parents are not quite finished raising children. Someone give these two a reality show.

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