This Creepy Polaroid Is the Last Known Photo of One of the Most Baffling Missing Person Cases Ever

When it comes to missing people, a few names comes to mind. Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard were taken as children and luckily found alive, even after their horrifying experiences as victims of kidnapping — but for many others, the story doesn’t end as positively. USA Today says there are about 90,000 people missing at any one time just in the U.S. And while there have been clues to some of their whereabouts, their disappearances still remain a mystery.

Here are the strange missing person cases that were never solved, with one in particular containing a startling photograph.

1. Jodi Huisentruit

Jodie during an news report segment.

Her family is still hopeful for her return. | YouTube

While her family and friends continue to hold out hope for Jodi’s safe return, her disappearance still remains a total mystery. WOWT 6 News reports Jodi was a young morning news anchor back in 1995, and she disappeared on her way to work. On a Tuesday morning, she didn’t show up for her shift at the Iowa news station.

Police reports show there was a sign of a struggle near where her car was parked. It looked as if she’d been grabbed as she was getting in her vehicle, and her belongings were scattered on the ground. In 2001, six years after her disappearance, the courts declared Jodi dead after never solving the case.

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2. Asha Degree

Asha Degree smiles while posing in front of a colorful wall.

Asha Degree’s disappearance is still a mystery. | YouTube

It was the winter of 2000 when 9-year-old Asha Degree disappeared. The Charlotte Observer reports she was walking along a North Carolina highway at 4 a.m. for unknown reasons the night she vanished. Her family called authorities the next morning just two and a half hours after she left, but she was never heard from again.

Today, investigators believe there are people still in the area that know more than they let on. And other details have been uncovered over the years, such as tips saying Asha got into a vehicle off of the highway. Either way, the case remains unsolved.

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3. Rebecca Coriam

Rebecca Coriam smiling at a gathering.

Rebecca Coriam might have committed suicide. | YouTube

Twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Coriam was working on a Disney cruise ship when she disappeared in 2011. The Sun explains she vanished when the ship was off the coast of Mexico back in 2011 and was never heard from again.

Disney claims Rebecca was swept off the ship by a large wave, but more recently, her girlfriend aboard the ship says its likely Rebecca jumped off herself. Tracie Medley was the last one to see Rebecca aboard and claims the young woman was deeply troubled and taking drugs at the time. As for what really happened, we may never know.

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4. Mary Rachel Trlica, Renee Wilson, and Julie Ann Moseley

Three missing young girls.

The three young girls were never found. | YouTube

This bizarre story doesn’t involve just one young woman, but three. The Houston Chronicle reports in 1974, 17-year-old Mary Rachel Trlica (who goes by Rachel), 14-year-old Renee Wilson, and 9-year-old Julie Ann Moseley all went to a Texas shopping mall together two days before Christmas. The girls disappeared without a trace, but a day later, a note in the mail was sent to the Trlica household. It appeared to be from Rachel, and it said the girls were headed to Houston and she’d be back in about a week. Of course, they were never heard from again.

What’s particularly strange is the letter was handwritten, but those who knew Rachel said the writing looked much different than her own. And the car the girls were in was left in the parking lot of the mall.

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5. Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin smiling while sitting next to a young boy.

This one is still a big mystery. | YouTube

It was right before Father’s Day over 40 years ago when 6-year-old Dennis Martin went missing. National Parks Traveler reports Dennis, his father, William, his brother, Douglas, and his grandfather, Clyde, were camping in the Smoky Mountains, as was tradition for them. Dennis wandered off, and his father noticed his son was nowhere in sight just a few minutes later. Despite looking all over the area and eventually gathering a huge search party, Dennis was never found.

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6. Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer smiling while standing in front of a door.

Brian Shaffer’s case is still unsolved. | YouTube

As Fox 8 reports, the disappearance of Brian Shaffer might be one of the strangest yet. In 2006, this med student spent his first day of spring break on a bar crawl with his friends. The Ugly Tuna Saloon in Columbus, Ohio, was the final stop — but Brian’s friends couldn’t find him anywhere as the night was ending. And security footage shows Brian entering the Saloon, but never leaving.

There have been some crazy theories involving Brian Shaffer’s disappearance, but they’ve all been debunked. It seems the most logical explanation is that he somehow died in the Saloon — but there’s no evidence of that, either.

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7. The Sodder family children

Five Sodder family children.

Five children from the Sodder Family were never found. | YouTube

It was Christmas Eve in 1945 when the Sodder family’s house caught fire. As reports, George and Jennie Sodder’s home was ablaze in the middle of the night while their nine children slept in the house. They were able to get four of the kids out, but the other five were seemingly left behind in the smoke. Something odd happened after, however, once the blaze was put out. There were no human remains left in the house.

The fire chief said the fire may have been hot enough to cremate the bodies, but further evidence shows there should have been bones left behind at least. Today, Sylvia, the last surviving Sodder child, still believes her missing siblings didn’t die in the house.

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8. The creepy Polaroid: Tara Calico and Michael Henley

A polaroid of two young people held hostage.

The Polaroid is quite disturbing. | YouTube

In 1989, a disturbing Polaroid showing a young woman and a little boy bound and gagged in a van sparked a huge investigation as to who the two could be. The Sun reports the mother of Tara Calico came forward after the photo was found, as she thought the woman looked like her missing daughter. Tara seemingly vanished after going for a bike ride on a familiar route near her home the year prior.

As for the boy, the family of Michael Henley believed it was him at first. But after finding the boy’s remains in the woods, this was debunked. Still today, no one has been able to confirm the identities in the photo, or find the source.

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9. Johnny Gosch

Johnny Gosch stands wearing a messenger bag.

The delivery boy disappeared suddenly. | YouTube

In 1982, teen Johnny Gosch was out delivering newspapers in Des Moines, Iowa. But after several neighbors called Johnny’s parents to complain that they hadn’t yet received their daily paper that morning, Johnny’s father went out looking for his son. CrimeFeed explains his father found the newspapers left on the sidewalk, but no sign of his son.

Some witnesses claimed two men grabbed Johnny and forced him into a truck, but no evidence was ever found. Later, one man came forward claiming he helped sell Johnny into a pedophile ring, but his claims weren’t taken seriously.

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10. Mikelle Biggs

Mikelle Biggs smiling in front of a purple background.

This case was never cracked. | YouTube

It was January of 1999 when Mikelle and Kimber Biggs waited outside their home for the ice cream truck to turn onto their street. After 9-year-old Kimber was getting too cold to wait any longer, she headed back into their home — only a few steps away from where they were standing, reports. When the girls’ mother told Kimber to go bring her sister inside as well, the younger girl went outside to find Mikelle had seemingly vanished.

What was left were the spinning wheels of her bike, now on its side, and the two quarters for ice cream now on the street. Mikelle’s body was never found, and no evidence of what happened surfaced.

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11. Maura Murray

Maura Murray smiles in front of a pier.

Her family has worked hard to locate her. | YouTube

In February 0f 2004, 21-year-old nursing student Maura Murray packed a bag, withdrew nearly $300, bought some alcohol, and headed out of town. Around 7 p.m. that night, her car skidded off the road into a snowbank in New Hampshire, E! News reports. A school bus passed her and asked if she needed help, and the police were called to help her. Despite this, when the police arrived on the scene just 10 minutes after the crash, Maura was gone.

There was no sign of a struggle, and many of Maura’s belongings were still in the car. She still remains missing, and her family is hopeful for future evidence.

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12. Kelly Dove

Kelly Dove smiling in a black and white photograph.

The chilling story has an unhappy ending. | YouTube

According to WHSV-TV, 20-year-old Kelly Dove was working at a gas station over 30 years ago when she was seemingly abducted. After Kelly received numerous obscene phone calls, she called the police three times from a pay phone located inside the station. On the calls, Kelly said a man entered the store “dressed improperly” and asked the police to hurry when she spotted the man driving his truck toward the store in the parking lot.

That’s the only evidence police have in connection with the case. Her mother assumes the worst could have happened to Kelly, but no one knows for sure.

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13. Amy Lynn Bradley

Amy Lynn Bradley smiling in front of a lobby.

Amy Lynn Bradley’s disappearance was heartbreaking. | YouTube

It was 1998 when Amy Lynn Bradley went missing aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to Aruba. As Ranker notes, the 23-year-old was with her family for the trip. But when her father woke up around 6 a.m. one morning aboard the ship, his daughter was gone, with only her cigarettes and a lighter missing. Her shoes, identification, and other important items were left in the room — and she was never seen again.

Since her disappearance, many people have claimed to see Amy — and one image from an adult website shows a woman who looks just like her. This leads many to believe she was possibly sex-trafficked from the ship.

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14. Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway smiling in a portrait.

Natalee Holloway’s case is still open. | YouTube

Natalee Holloway disappeared over 10 years ago while on a trip to Aruba to celebrate her high school graduation. The New York Post says the 18-year-old was out with a man named Joran van der Sloot the night she disappeared. Joran was never charged as the teen’s suspected killer, but creepily enough, he was convicted of a separate murder for another young woman in Peru.

Investigations for Natalee Holloway’s whereabouts are still underway, and bone fragments that appeared to be linked to Natalee were found recently. Unfortunately, the bone fragments were not a match — but it makes us wonder whose human remains were actually found if they weren’t the young woman’s.

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15. Louis Mackerley

Louis Mackerley smiling in a photograph.

This sad case almost brought us to tears. | YouTube

As WFMZ-TV reports, Louis Mackerley was only 7 years old when he went missing from Allentown, Pennsylvania. The last time he was seen was over 30 years ago in a hot dog shop, where he told the owner he was being chased by two boys. After that, Louis was never seen again — and the case continues to confuse investigators.

Though the case received a ton of attention, Louis’ older brother remains angry for police not taking the case as seriously as they should have. Six months prior to his disappearance, Louis said a couple molested him — and after that investigation came up short, he was gone.

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