This 1 Habit Can Change Your Body Without Diet or Exercise

We all want to look and feel our best, and for that, the advice is clear: Get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet. And while the benefits of exercise are immeasurable and eating healthy foods can add years to your life, there’s much more you can do to change your body for the better … and it might surprise you what habit can truly change your body (check out page 3 for the reveal of that 1 effortless habit).

Wellness is all inclusive

Young woman folding blue yoga mat

Wellness is more than just going to the gym and having a good diet. | fizkes/iStock/Getty Images

Your health is about much more that just eating vegetables and going to the gym a few times a week. Sometimes people get so hung up on the numbers on the scale or the way their pants fit that they forget about other factors — staying hydrated, keeping stress levels low, and getting regular checkups with a doctor, for one. Even if you have a short-term goal of weight loss or muscle-toning, you long-term goal should be your overall wellness.

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