This Is How Kim Jong Un Is De-Stressing While in Singapore (Plus, the 1 Photo of Him That Made it on Twitter)

In a historic meeting between leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are meeting in Singapore on June 11. There’s a lot at stake for both leaders, of course. And while we’re sure Trump has his own practices for calming his nerves, so does Kim.

Plenty of bystanders have observed how Kim is acting while visiting the island nation, and it seems he’s taken his lux life with him on the road. Here’s exactly how he’s de-stressing prior to the big meet, plus the one photo of him on Twitter that shows just how relaxed he is (page 8).

1. Before he got to Singapore, Kim enjoyed a new seafood restaurant in Pyongyang

Sushi roll maki on a white plate.

Kim Jong Un enjoyed some special sushi while on his trip. | Kamui29/iStock/Getty Images

  • Kim Jong Un has a serious love of sushi.

What better way to relax than with delicious seafood? The Washington Post explains the Saturday night before the summit, there were reports that Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, toured the Pyongyang Daedonggang seafood restaurant. And according to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim was pleased, even calling it, “Another landmark restaurant.”

We’re not too surprised by Kim’s choice of restaurant, either, considering his love of sushi is well-documented.

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2. Kim explored the beautiful gardens and notable Flower Dome

The gardens at the dome in Singapore.

He checked out some great sites. | Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

  • Kim was taken on a two-hour tour of Singapore. 

For someone who’s only been out of his home country three times since his father’s death in 2011, Kim seemed right at home while exploring all that Singapore had to offer. The Straits Times reports Kim went on a two-hour tour of the city, which included taking in the beautiful Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands resorts.

The Gardens by the Bay feature notable sights like vertical gardens that are up to 50 meters tall and gigantic conservatories like the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

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3. He also spent ample time with his sister, who came with him

Kim Yo Jong during an Olympic press event.

His sister also attended the trip. | Patrick Semansky – Pool/Getty Images

  • His sister, Kim Yo Jong, does a lot for the regime.

Tourists and Singapore locals are having fun spotting Kim Jong Un out on the town, The Straits Times reports. Joash Corea, a local 19-year-old bartender, said, “Not much is known about North Korea and you don’t see figures like him out a lot which makes it more exciting to try and spot him.”

It seems Corea spotted Kim when he was touring with his sister, Kim Yo Jong, who reportedly does a lot of work for the regime behind the scenes. The brother-sister duo was seen visiting the SkyPark Observation Deck on the 57th floor of the hotel.

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4. Kim saw Singapore’s beautiful Jubilee Bridge as well

Kim Jong Un walking on the bridge in Singapore.

Ever the tourist, Kim Jong Un checked out this amazing site. Chris McGrath/Getty Images

  • The Jubilee Bridge was rebuilt with pedestrian enjoyment in mind.

Kim was also spotted touring the Jubilee Bridge, which was just rebuilt in 2015. Channel NewsAsia explains the bridge links the Merlion Park and Esplanade, a performing arts center.

The Straights Times also notes the improved Jubilee Bridge is perfect for a relaxing stroll, so it makes total sense as to why Kim chose to experience it. And the walking trail showcases Singapore’s history, which we imagine Kim may have also been interested in.

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5. He came ready with plenty of bodyguards, of course

Kim Jong Un's limosine in Singapore.

As always, Kim Jong Un traveled in style. | Chris McGrath/Getty Images

  • Kim chooses his guards based on their martial arts abilities and marksmanship. 

To ensure true relaxation, Kim knows how to keep himself safe from anyone who may want to cause him harm. The Straits Times notes he was seen on the Jubilee Bridge surrounded by “men in dark suits,” which were his security team.

Not only that, but BBC News reports he even has bodyguards running next to his limousine, who are men selected from the Korean People’s Army. And it’s just not anyone who’s chosen. Kim picks his guards based on their skills in fitness, firing a gun and martial arts.

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6. He says his guests provided him with ‘terrific conditions’ and ‘convenience’

Kim Jong Un walking with his bodyguards in Singapore.

Kim Jong Un seemed pretty appreciative during his visit. | Chris McGrath/Getty Images

  • His private suite typically costs around $9,000 a night.

When it comes to where he’s staying, Kim achieved some seriously nice living quarters. He even told Singapore’s prime minister, “It’s a historic summit and you provided terrific conditions and provided convenience so that our people could come here with no discomfort,” ABC News reports.

Kim is staying at the extremely regal St. Regis, CNN says. And his suite came complete with hand-painted silk panels and a baby grand piano as well as a separate living room, dining room, office, and gym.

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7. Of course, his private toilet puts him at ease

Kim Jong-Un

The North Korean leader brings his own toilet everywhere he goes. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

  • Kim is concerned spies may want to investigate his bodily fluids.

Living in the lap of luxury doesn’t just mean an amazing hotel suite. For Kim, it also means a private toilet he brought himself, USA Today reports.

According to a South Korean newspaper, Kim chose to bring his own toilet to “deny determined sewer divers insights into the supreme leader’s stools.” And it’s not the first time Kim’s traveled with his own commode, either. When he met with South Korean leaders in April 2018, North Koreans sent him a portable toilet then, too.

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8. Singapore’s minister of foreign affairs posted this photo of him and Kim

Kim Jong Un posing in a selfie.

The selfie the internet is freaking out over. | Vivian Balakrishnan via Twitter

  • Kim has been cheered and celebrated by the locals as he’s spotted. 

Kim looks more relaxed than ever in this photo posted to Twitter by Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan. Also in the photo is Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung, who we can assume was also taking Kim on his welcoming tour through Singapore. The three of them are posing in front of flowers that are seemingly at the Gardens by the Bay.

These two aren’t the only ones looking excited to see Kim, too. Business Insider reports the North Korean leader was being cheered on “like a rock star” by locals who passed him.

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