This Is How We Think Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth Will Get Along

It’s official: President Donald Trump is set to meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. According to the U.S. Ambassador to the U.K., Robert Wood Johnson, their meeting will take place when the president makes a working visit to Britain on July 13, 2018.

Johnson told Sky News, “He has to see the head of state. Putting his foot on the ground of British soil, it’s job one — very, very important, very symbolic.”

“Meeting Her Majesty is the most important thing,” Johnson added, “because she’s the head of state, and from there on, it’ll be what the president wants to do.”

Trump was supposed to have already made a trip to the U.K., but canceled in January 2018 after threats of protest, according to Town & Country Magazine. The president tweeted about the canceled trip, in which he falsely made accusations toward the Obama administration.

“Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for ‘peanuts,’ only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars.” He added,”Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!”

Now that Trump plans to actually visit the queen, it has us wondering: Will the two leaders get along? Given the fact that “the royal family isn’t allowed to vote or speak publicly about politics,” according to Harper’s Bazaar, we don’t know exactly what they’ll agree (or disagree) on in that aspect. However, Trump and the queen do have a few things in common that they could relate on.

Queen Elizabeth waving

Queen Elizabeth | Ben Stansall/Getty Images

They’re both grandparents

Each one is incredibly close with their families, which have grown to be quite extensive with the addition of grandchildren. Trump earned grandparent status through his three oldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Donald Jr. has five children: Donald III, Kai Madison, Chloe Sophia, Tristan Milos, and Spencer Frederick. Meanwhile, Ivanka is a mother of three: Theodore James, Joseph Frederick, and Arabella Rose. Eric and his wife, Lara, welcomed his first child in September 2017, Eric “Luke” Trump.

The queen can certainly relate with her growing family tree. Her grandchildren include, Prince William, Prince Harry, Peter Phillips, Zara Tindall, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Lady Louise Windsor, and James, Viscount Severns.

She’s become a great grandmother to Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis through Prince William and Kate Middleton. She’s also a great grandmother to Savannah and Isla Phillips (children of Peter Phillips), as well as Zara Tindall’s daughter, Mia.

They’re subjects of public scrutiny

There’s no denying Trump and the queen are constantly under the public eye, and have become targets of scrutiny. We’re not sure that the queen would call any judgement from the media “fake news,” but they could probably relate on some level.

One celebrity who isn’t keen on Trump or the queen is none other than late night host John Oliver. The host of Last Week Tonight regularly blasts Trump, typically in the form of comedic relief. For example, in July 2017, Oliver joked “No one is better than Trump at claiming victory from overwhelming defeats.”

He added, “I could honestly see him at the end of his term saying, ‘I always said I didn’t have the ability, experience, or intelligence to be a successful president. I turned out to be right.’”

Similarly, Oliver had some comments to make about the queen when she became the longest-serving British monarch. To celebrate the achievement, a new train line was opened in Scotland. A CBS news clip claimed, “This day wasn’t about a train. It was about a queen who just keeps chugging along.”

Oliver sniped in response, “You cannot compare Queen Elizabeth to a train. For one thing, people need trains. Trains still serve a practical purpose in the modern era. You’re being mean to trains.”

Donald Trump frowning

Donald Trump | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Trump hopes to bond over golf

Trump has apparently been wanting to golf with the queen since 2017. According to The Independent, “Mr. Trump’s team are hoping for a photo opportunity to rival the famous picture of President Ronald Reagan and the Queen riding horses together at Windsor Castle in 1982.”

Time will only tell if the queen is willing to meet on the golf course.

They’re both picky eaters

Between Trump’s and the queen’s picky eating habits, we’re hoping their meeting won’t take place over food. Some of Trump’s most-hated foods include sushi, hot dogs, vegetables, fruit, rare steak or burgers, and even pizza crust.

Trump is also against any pasta that’s considered “adventurous,” so it’s a good thing the queen isn’t a pasta fan, either. She even avoids potatoes, rare meat, white egg, garlic and onion, and bread crusts.

They have different feelings on dogs

Hopefully dogs won’t come up as a topic of conversation between Trump and the queen, because their opinions are vastly different. Trump has become the first president since 1901 without a dog in the White House. While Trump often uses the term “dog” to describe people he doesn’t like, his first wife, Ivana Trump, has confirmed his hatred of the animal.

In her memoir, Raising Trump, she wrote, “Donald was not a dog fan.” After she surprised her husband with a new poodle named Chappy, he was less than pleased. According to Newsweek,“Ivana’s love of dogs would not be quashed: ‘It’s me and Chappy or no one!’ she told him. And he eventually acquiesced — but never seemed to grow all that fond of that poodle.”

The queen, on the other hand, has had corgis in her life since 1933. Sadly, in April 2018, her 14-year-old corgi named Willow passed away. According to People, “[Willow] was the last in a line that was descended from her original corgi Susan.”

Not everyone supports his visit

While Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump may have some similarities and differences in their personal lives, we expect that they’ll at least get along on a formal level. However, While Trump may have canceled his last planned visit to the U.K. amid threats of protest, he shouldn’t expect a warm welcome from the rest of the U.K. population.

Many have already planned for protest in London, so he’ll likely be avoiding the area. Civilians have even petitioned the queen to withdraw her invitation for Trump’s visit, so the people of Britain may not exactly be too happy with her about their meeting, either.

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