This Is What Donald Trump’s 5 Kids Really Think of Him

Just about everyone has an opinion about Donald Trump and his performance as president of the United States. It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t have something to say. But what do Donald Trump’s children think about their dad? What does the man they have known all their lives mean to them? How has he affected their lives? Let’s look at some past interviews and see.

This is what Donald Trump’s five kids really think of him.

Donald Trump Jr. thinks he has more to offer the ladies

Donald Trump Jr. raising his fist in the air

Donald Trump Jr. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In a disturbing 2007 interview on “The Adam Carolla Show,” things got strangely personal. Host Adam Carolla asked Trump Jr. whether he or his father had a bigger member, reports Men’s Health. Surprisingly, Trump Jr. answered the question. He told Carolla that he had the bigger package but that both men were of substantial size. We honestly don’t know what to make of this or why it was part of the interview, but if you were curious, now you have your answer.

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Barron looks up to Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump and his son Barron Trump depart the White House

Barron | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Barron wants to be just like his dad. In an interview with Parenting magazine, Melania said Barron has several interests. Among them are airplanes, helicopters, architecture, and art. However, he also has a growing interest in business. Melania said he is so much like his dad that she sometimes calls him “little Donald.” Said Melania in her interview: “When [Barron] was 5 years old, he wanted to be like daddy: a businessman and golfer. He loves to build something and tear it down and build something else.”

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Ivanka Trump is protective of her father

Ivanka Trump delivers a speech

Ivanka | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Ivanka and Donald Trump have a very close relationship. The president trusts his daughter so much that he chose her to be his senior adviser. When someone attacks her father, Ivanka is quick to come to his defense. One example is when NBC News asked her if she believed the sexual misconduct allegations against the president. Ivanka responded: “I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter, if she believes the accusers of her father, when he’s affirmatively stated that there’s no truth to it. I don’t think that’s a question you would ask many other daughters.”

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Tiffany wants to be closer to Donald

Tiffany trump

Tiffany | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Tiffany Trump grew up with Donald’s second wife, Marla Maples. Consequently, Tiffany didn’t get to see much of her father. Back in 2016, she told People she makes an effort to visit her dad at least once a year. Said Tiffany in her interview: “I still see him on spring breaks or for Easter, I’m always at Mar-a-Lago with the family.”

However, it has been tough for Tiffany to bond with Donald now that he is busy leading the country. An insider told People the president’s schedule has made spending time together difficult. Said the insider: “Since the inauguration, Tiffany and her father have sometimes gone for months without speaking and she went a very long time without seeing him. The last time she was at a family function with him, it was awkward for her and she didn’t feel totally welcome.”

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Eric felt Donald was an absentee father

Eric Trump on The Elvis Duran Show

Eric | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Another Trump child who struggled to remain close to Donald is Eric Trump. Although he says he does have love for his father, Eric expressed his dismay about the fact that his father was rarely present when he was growing up. “In a way, [my brother, Donald Jr.] raised me. My father, I love and I appreciate, but he always worked 24 hours a day,” he told The New York Times in a 2006 interview.

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Ivanka says Donald has a fierce competitive streak

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Ivanka loves her dad and will go to great lengths to protect him. However, she also admits that Donald also has a bit of a dark side. Ivanka once told New York magazine Donald does not like to lose under any circumstances. Just about any situation is a competition to him. “We were sort of bred to be competitive. Dad encourages it. I remember skiing with him and we were racing. I was ahead, and he reached his ski pole out and pulled me back,” said Ivanka in her magazine interview.

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Donald Trump Jr. wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps

Donald Trump Jr.

Don Jr. | David Becker/Getty Images

Although Donald Trump Jr. thinks he’s better than his dad in some circumstances, he still admires him. Sources say it’s possible the eldest Trump son could be running for political office. Page Six reports he was heard saying he’s interested in running for governor of New York. “Don Jr. spoke to members of the F6 Labs gun club in Hicksville, NY, and, when asked about his political ambitions, said he would love to follow his father, President Donald Trump, into office,” reports Page Six.

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