This Is What Ivanka Really Thinks of Ivana and Donald Trump’s Nasty Divorce

No child emerges from divorce unscathed, especially when the split is particularly nasty. However, Ivanka Trump set the record straight about what she thought of her parent’s contentious breakup, which played out like a soap opera in the mainstream media.

While Ivanka experienced far more scandal than most kids, she claims Donald and Ivana Trump’s divorce didn’t leave her any worse for the wear. But do you believe her? Here are some clues as to what she may think of her parent’s nasty divorce.

She was only a child when they split

The divorce made her childhood difficult. | Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Ivanka was only 8-years-old when Donald and Ivana split, according to The Huffington Post. During that time, Ivana said the children were “all wrecks” and that Ivanka would come home from school crying.

Divorce trauma is common for children between the ages of 6 and 12, The Huffington Post reports. Children this age often go through a grief period and may feel as though everything is out of their control. Behaviors they may display include aggression, neediness, disobedience and being withdrawn.

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Ivanka insists her parents did a ‘remarkable job’ of managing the drama

Donald and Ivana Trump

The exes shielded the kids from tabloid drama. | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Like many children going through divorce, Ivanka felt like life was out of control. However, she said, “They did a remarkable job protecting us from something largely outside of their control,” Ivanka said to People. “We didn’t have newspapers in the house for a significant period of time and the TV wasn’t on when they weren’t there. So they tried to mitigate the attention that that moment received.”

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Donald and Ivana supported each other in front of the kids

The couple tried to be civil around the kids. | Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

In order to keep life as normal and stress-free as possible, Donald and Ivana tried their best to keep their animosity clear from their children. “Really the way in which they helped us the most was by being supportive with one another, not disparaging the other in front of us, recognizing that and communicating that there was still tremendous affection between them and that there would always be great love for us,” Ivanka added during her People interview.

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But life was not pleasant for the divorcing couple

Donald and Ivana Trump

It was a bitter divorce. | Swerzey/AFP/Getty Images

Ivana became a woman desperate to hang onto her marriage, according to Vanity Fair, even being referred to by her attorney as someone with “Stockholm syndrome.” Donald seemed tired of Ivana and was pushing for a settlement, which often resulted in screaming matches by phone.

At the time, Ivana blamed herself when Donald would make disparaging remarks about her appearance or style. Ivana felt compelled to go along with whatever Donald offered. She also admitted to friends she felt humiliated.

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Reporters asked Ivanka about her dad’s sex life

Ivanka Trump delivers a speech

She’s still shocked that she had to entertain these questions as a child. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Little Ivanka got caught up in some of her father’s dirty laundry, despite her parent’s best efforts. The New York Post ran a cover about Donald and Marla having the “best sex” and a reporter asked 9-year-old Ivanka her thoughts on the matter. Ivanka was shocked and surprised reporters would stoop that low.

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Ivanka and her brothers remained at home during Donald and Marla’s wedding

Marla Maples and Donald Trump

She and her siblings skipped the wedding. | Diane Freed/Getty Images

The Trump children did not attend Donald and Marla’s wedding and stayed home with mother Ivana. Donald Jr. may have had other reasons to stay away than keeping his mom company. Ivana disclosed in her book that Donald Jr. didn’t speak to his father for a year after the couple separated, The Independent reports.

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Ivanka is close to both Donald and Ivana

Ivanka and Ivana Trump

She’s very close to both parents. | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Ivanka claims to be closer to both parents even though her parents divorced. “And I think in retrospect, I became closer with both of my parents because I was at that stage in life where you do take your parents for granted and something like that happens and maybe you stop taking them for granted as much,” she said to People. “They made a real effort to ensure that we knew that they would always be there for us and accessible to us and it helped us through a difficult time.”

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