This Is What Meghan Markle’s Friends Say She’s Really Like

Despite her many acting credits, not everyone knew Meghan Markle’s name before she got engaged to a real-life prince.

But now that she’s literally royalty, you’d have trouble finding someone who didn’t at least know the significance of her name.

Fame doesn’t always change who you are as a person. It does, however, change the way people look at and think about you. Those who knew Meghan Markle before the rest of us can confirm the world views her much differently now than they used to. But she’s somehow managed to adapt to the massive transformation her life has gone through since the couple announced their engagement in late 2017.

A few of Markle’s closest friends — including Serena Williams and fellow actress Abigail Spencer — have revealed what she’s really like when she’s not smiling for the camera. As you might have guessed, that smile is about as genuine as she is in real life.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

She lights up rooms

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams met at a celebrity charity event in 2014 and became instant BFFs. Even though she’s no stranger to Hollywood life, Markle asked for advice on how to handle paparazzi and the less-glamorous side of fame.

Williams told Vanity Fair, “Her personality just shines. I told her, ‘You’ve got to be who you are, Meghan. You can’t hide.’ ”

She’s genuinely kind

Fellow actress Janina Gavankar has known Markle for over a decade. Since they both understand what it’s like to survive the ups and downs of fame, she has a deeper appreciation for her friend’s focus on bettering herself.

“Over our almost 15 year friendship, I’ve watched Meghan’s dedication to self-growth, and generosity,” Gavankar said.

She’s quietly compassionate

Fashion designer Misha Nonoo admires Markle’s heart for philanthropy. Before taking on her royal duties — which involve even more charity work — she was a World Vision ambassador, a One Young World counselor, and a United Nations advocate. According to Nonoo, she does it out of true compassion — not at all for the fame.

“Her greatest strength is her compassion for others,” Nonoo said. “Much of the work she does is unseen by the public.”

Meghan Markle in her wedding gown

Meghan Markle in her wedding gown. | Jonathan Brady-WPA Pool/Getty Images

She gives you her full attention

Someone as busy as Markle was — even before she married into the British royal family — might seem like the type of person to keep conversations light and short. But fellow actress Abigail Spencer said when you’re speaking one-on-one with her, you’re her absolute priority.

Spencer said, “When you’re talking to her, you feel like you’re the only person on the planet.”

Fame hasn’t changed her for the worse

Meghan Markle and Lindsay Roth have been close since taking a class together at Northwestern University. Markle was Roth’s maid of honor at her 2016 wedding, and can speak to how fame has made her friend a better version of who she used to be.

Roth told People, “I don’t know many people who are as generous and supportive as Meg is. I think people assume that when someone gains notoriety that they change. But she’s still the same girl I met years ago, with the same values and priorities.”

Most of us may never even stand in the same room as the Duchess of Sussex. But from what her friends had to say, we can pretty much guess she’d be a delight to meet. Not everyone is as nice as they appear to be in public. Perhaps Meghan Markle is a glamorous exception.

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