This Is What NBC Host Megyn Kelly Eats in a Typical Day, Plus the 1 Thing She Can’t Get Enough Of

Megyn Kelly looks amazing. | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

NBC’s Megyn Kelly doesn’t mess around when it comes to work-life balance. Despite her busy schedule as a talk show host and mom of young kids, she makes sure to take care of herself as best she can.

Here’s how the hose of “Megyn Kelly Today” stays healthy and in shape while raising a family and continuing to excel as a TV personality.

Breakfast: Yogurt with something extra

She starts her day with a healthy breakfast. | Laura Laporta/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

  • Kelly makes sure her go-to breakfast is as nutritious as possible.

For breakfast, Kelly usually opts for a high-protein yogurt with extra sprinkles of fiber mixed in. When she doesn’t feel like starting her day with dairy, she instead goes for some protein- and fiber-rich peanut butter toast.

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Lunch: Salad with chicken

Salad and chicken is her go-to lunch. | iStock

  • Adding protein to a salad boosts energy without piling on the calories.

Kelly says her lunch typically consists of a simple salad with chicken, the ideal combination of low-calorie, low-carb veggies and lean, healthy protein. She continues this trend in her third meal of the day, keeping things filling and tasty each time she sits down to a meal.

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Dinner: Protein and veggies

Raw salmon fillet

Salmon and veggies are her favorite dinner. | OlenaMykhaylova/iStock/Getty Images

  • A low-calorie, high-protein meal is optimal for shedding pounds or maintaining a healthy weight.

When it’s time to fuel up for work, Kelly prepares a simple dinner of vegetables and a healthy lean protein source. Anything from chicken to tuna to a burger made from chickpeas counts, and it ensures you’re energizing your body without overdoing it.

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She drinks ‘a lot of coffee’

Many different cups of coffee

She loves coffee. | Efetova/iStock/Getty Images

  • Too much coffee can actually make you less productive.

To help her balance her work and personal lives, Kelly admits she drinks a lot of coffee. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, as long as she doesn’t get hooked. Depending on caffeine for too long can increase feelings of stress and anxiety, making it even harder to manage everyday life.

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She also follows a very specific diet

Grilled chicken pieces in the dish

Kelly doesn’t stray from her diet. |

  • Kelly follows the F-Factor diet, claiming it’s helped keep her in shape.

Unlike most celebrity-endorsed diets, Kelly’s daily diet of choice is both easy and highly effective. High-fiber diets help many people lose weight by suppressing their appetites and eliminating junk food cravings. As long as you stay hydrated, it’s a great way to learn to manage your hunger.

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She also skips the gym

Megyn Kelly pumping her fist

Kelly doesn’t have time for the gym. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

  • She says she doesn’t have time for exercise.

According to Kelly, a busy life simply doesn’t allow for a regular workout routine. That’s why she sticks so closely to her high-fiber, high-protein diet. While exercise alone isn’t enough to help lose and keep off weight, it’s still an essential part of a healthy lifestyle along with diet, at least for most people.

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She can’t seem to get enough sleep

Megyn Kelly on her show on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Megyn Kelly needs to get more sleep. | NBC

  • Sleep deprivation could cancel out Kelly’s good eating habits.

As a mom of three juggling a job that requires working at night, Kelly has admitted she struggles to get enough sleep. Despite her healthy diet and impressive work-life balance, long-term sleep deprivation puts the NBC host at risk of gaining weight, suffering poor heart health, and even experiencing early death.

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